flowers gone wild

My dad sprinkled some wildflower mix in their backyard & got some really beautiful blooms. I think, instead of weeding, spreading this stuff all over is the way to go. …and that, my friends, is another tip from your lazy neighborhood gardener.

{ Dad’s wildflower garden }

meet: Rosie.




I’ve got a …..TREAT!

Just keeeding.

Fluffy. Happy. Snuggly. Devious. Smart. Revengeful. Pretty darn cute.

Rosie is my parents’ new Bernese mountain dog. To give you a sense for how fast she’s growing, these pictures were taken on July 17. She’s now too big to fit in the house. Oh! I know, let’s make a children’s book series about this. A big dog (Rosie, duh)… and her friend, Emily (sister). I think I just found my great idea.