meet: my best friend.

He was just under my nose for 2 years. We were in the same aerospace class at Notre Dame, and his dorm was right next door to mine. …but we didn’t start hanging out until the middle of our junior year. He says it had something to do with the fact that he started wearing a uniform that year, because he joined ROTC. (Maybe.)

{ 2005. summer after junior year – he visited me in Cincinnati while I was doing an internship }

I loved how fun he was and I admired his intelligence, wit, strong friendships & family bonds. [Still do.]  I loved how our relationship seemed so natural. I loved how attentive he was to his family & friends, and especially me.

I accepted a job in Cincinnati. His first USAF assignment was in the middle of Texas. … but he just happened to want to go to grad school at Wright-Patt, in Dayton, Ohio. …  1 hour from Cincinnati. So, he applied to the competitive program and got in.

{ 2006. I took him to the band dance. Yeah. We were that serious. }

We graduated. He moved to Dayton; I moved to Cincinnati. The stretch of I-75 between those two cities started to get a lot of use.

About 2 seconds after he decided he wanted to marry me (or a couple of weeks), he bought a ring and proposed. What an amazing, wonderful day. That day my future with him opened up like a big, long road on a sunny day.

{ 2007. Michael, Paula, and me a few minutes after I said “yes.” ….Yes, Paula. The penguin. She was instrumental in the proposal. }

September 19, 2008. I married my best friend. The best day of my life. How much better can it get? All of your favorite people in the world, in one place, celebrating your love.

{ 2008. Hanging out on the altar. }

[ Nevermind while I switch tense here; I’m too tired to change it!]

Absolute bliss. We find out we’re pretty much the perfect roommates. Probably because he does way more dishes than I do.

My brother & sister both move to Dayton (!! so awesome). The four of us have a blast.  I love seeing him being embraced by and embracing my family.

We travel: San Diego. Florida. Milwaukee & Toledo to visit our families. I spend 3 months away at Ohio State completing grad school. We run a half marathon on our anniversary. We run a 200 mile, 12-person relay in Bourbon country. Life is busy & fun together.

{ 2009. Coronado Island, San Diego. }

We go on a trip of a lifetime: two weeks in California & Hawaii. We come home, make the big decision that he will separate from USAF active duty in 2011 & we decide buy our first home. We bike 108 miles from Chicago to Notre Dame. We visit friends/family; they visit us. Life is good.

{ 2010. In the paradise of Hawaii. }

We make the decision; he applies and is accepted for a rare deployment opportunity. From February 9 through Jun 25, he is away from home. I miss him terribly but try (and succeed) to stay busy. Weddings, visits, bathroom contractors & leaky basements keep (part of) my attention while he’s away. I respect & admire you, Michael, for your desire to serve your country so actively.

{ 2011. Back home from deployment. }

Now that my husband & best friend is back home safe, we can focus on our next, very exciting adventure: raising our first child. I consider myself such a blessed & lucky woman to have this amazing man by my side as we become parents together.

{ Sep 19, 2011. Our third anniversary. Our first baby at 10 weeks 4 days. }

I love you, Michael. Happy third wedding anniversary!


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