Baby Barto: Weeks 2 – 6

So… I’m pregnant!


… I’m pregnant.

That is really crazy to say.

Anyways – pregnancy has been pretty great so far. I mean, the greatness part is mostly the fact that there is a new life inside of me that has both my and Michael’s DNA, with a beating heart and fingers and toes and is actually moving. What a true miracle.

In between the craziness going on in our lives (yes, even more than this baby… maybe more on that later… if I have time), I will try to post regular pregnancy updates. …. when I’m not so tired that all I want to do is lay down (anywhere) and close my eyes for 300 hours or so.

Today, I’m 11 weeks, 4 days pregnant. I have been taking notes since week 2 (before I even knew I was pregnant) & Michael has been taking pictures of my (fairly non-existent) bump since 3 weeks 5 days. So, I have some material for you all! It’s juicy, let me tell ya.

2 weeks

I had vivid dreams, 4 nights in a row. Two dreams about having a baby (which I rarely ever dream about) and two dreams about serving the Queen of England and being really scared of her.  … right. Please don’t psychoanalyze that.

I also felt warmer in general during this week… which I read later to be fairly typical.

3 weeks 5 days

Michael and I know we’re going to take the home pregnancy test that day. I wake up at 5:15 because I couldn’t sleep. I took the first (1 line / 2 line) test. No 2nd line at first. Theeen… there’s an extremely faint 2nd line. From what I had heard, “a line is a line.” So my hands start to get a little clammy and I take the digital test. You have to wait 3 full minutes before those results.


I swear, whatever I had in my belly, it was doing flippy floppies all over the place.

Blinking… blinking…. blinking…. aaand…

I started to get a little dizzy and ran straight to wake Michael up. Holy cow.

After a long time of elation, disbelief, more elation… etc… Michael took my first bump picture.

me at week 3: I still felt warm. I also started to feel implantation twinges on my lower left side. The best part about this week was that we were able to see my immediate family and Michael’s immediate family, so we could tell them the news right away. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had!

Baby Barto at week 3: He/she is the size of 1/5 the period at the end of this sentence. Technically, Baby Barto is called a blastocyst and will be implanting in the uterus during this week. She is only 500 microscopic cells!

4 weeks

(any bump you see is probably early pregnancy bloat.)

me at week 4: More twinges/pulling in my abdomen & I’ve started frequent trips to the bathroom during the night! My bladder is not liking the decreased real estate. I’ve also become more emotional. NPR’s Story Corps is a touching program, but I don’t normally bawl while listening to it on the way to work.

Baby Barto at week 4: He’s the size of a poppy seed! Now until week 10 is he most critical time of development; all of the organs will begin to develop & some will even begin to function. The amniotic sac has developed, which will house Baby Barto; the amniotic fluid, which will cushion her as she grows; and the yolk sac, which produces her red blood cells and helps deliver nutrients to her until the placenta has developed.

5 weeks

me at week 5: Some tummy aches during my morning runs; I’m listening to my body more and not pushing it as hard. We got a shipment of 12+ pregnancy/parenting books from Amazon; I’m in heaven. Finally, I can quell all of my thoughts and worries with facts. From books. Your Pregnancy Week by Week, The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Happiest Baby on the Block, Baby Bargains…. etc etc.

Baby Barto at week 5: He’s the size of a sesame seed & he looks like a tiny tadpole. She has 3 layers: one to form her brain, spinal cord, nerves, and backbone; one to form her heart and circulatory system & one to form her lungs, liver, pancreas & intestines.

6 weeks

me at week 6: Dun dun duuuuuuun. At the beginning of week 6, I come down with a stomach bug, complete with all of the symptoms. Later on, I realize that the stomach flu was coupled with morning sickness, making it even more unbearable. I actually took 4 days off of work for illness. I was completely unable to function. After plenty of tests, the doctor says the baby is okay & prescribes Zofran, a miracle drug. After the flu goes away, this drug curbs my “morning” sickness for the majority of the day (I still feel woozy in the evenings)! Hooray!

Baby Barto at week 6: She’s the size of a sprinkle on a cupcake!  This week’s major developments: His heart begins to beat! How amazing is that? 6 weeks (only 4 weeks gestation) and the heart is beating. What a miracle. The nose, mouth, and ears are also beginning to take shape. His intestines are developing, and the bud of tissue that will give rise to his lungs has appeared, and his brain, muscles, and bones are forming.


7 thoughts on “Baby Barto: Weeks 2 – 6

  1. Ashley- I LOVE your posts. They are so fun to read especially since this transplanted Hoosier doesn’t get to hear about all my Ohio friends’ lives as much anymore. I’m so excited for you and Michael and I’m really looking forward to hearing all your Baby Barto updates for the next few months! And BTW, “Zofran” is a drug I haven’t heard since freshman year of high school, but I agree…it’s a miracle drug!

    • Thanks so much, Jen. That means a lot – I never know if anyone reads this thing! Yes, Zofran is awesome. I’m so sorry you had to take it in high school. As I understand it, there’s a normal dose (mine) and then a dose given to chemo patients that is much higher… I can’t even imagine.

  2. Yay! Just wanted to share a suggestion (not name-based this time!), since you mentioned your stack of books… I know a bunch of people who all swear by the book, “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.” Obviously, I haven’t read it myself yet, but thought you might be interested a little later in your pregnancy. 🙂

    • Thanks Jess! I actually have that one, Baby Wise, and Happiest Baby on the Block. Healthy sleep habits == happy mommy. Mommy *really* likes her sleep (see blog subtitle).

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