(Guest Author) 28 years ago today…

…the love of my life entered this world.  I didn’t know her at the time, but I’m told she was focused from the start 🙂

Don't mess...she's coloring

She quickly grew from an adorable baby to a precocious little girl…

…to a loving big sister.

She was brought up by wonderful parents.  They taught her the importance of family and raised her to be selfless, caring, dedicated, passionate (just a few of the things I love about her).

I’m so blessed to be part of her family.

I love you, Ashley.  I’m so lucky to have you (I could never deserve you), and I’m so excited for what’s to come as our family grows.  Can you believe our tiny Barto will be here to wish you happy birthday next year?  I may have to do the talking for him, but she’ll be thinking it 🙂

Happy Birthday!



My paradise is being with you.


3 thoughts on “(Guest Author) 28 years ago today…

  1. oh my goodness. … and, I’m crying. My Polish coworkers are probably thinking, “Crazy pregnant American.”

    You are amazing. I love & miss you so much. My paradise is with you, too… so that works out nicely.

  2. Very nice blog post, makes me miss you guys a little bit.

    On another note, does Chris already have a ‘stache in the photo labeled “…to a loving big sister”?

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