mums make it all better.

yes, folks, it’s time for another odd, out-of-season post!

I swear, if keeping up with a blog is this difficult NOW … well, let’s just say this blog will be retiring around April 13. However, I have a feeling that all I need for a complete blog post from that point on will be quick, timely posts of just pictures … I’ll let little baby girl’s cuteness do the talking for me.

Back to the mums.

First of all, I love our house. I love almost everything about it. I love how it looks like a little cozy cottage, yet has a surprising amount of room. I love the location, all nestled in the cutest neighborhood ever, fairly safe, and extremely convenient (to everything but my workplace). I love the multi-colored brick, the pop of the white windows and the beautiful dogwood in front. … and the hottie husband building a french drain in the front.

However, I still felt like something was missing.

So, we did this.

In order to play up the “cottage” look it already had going for it, I decided it needed some flower boxes. I bought these black window boxes made by Mayne. They’re unique because they have a nice curve in the front … which is a shape prevalent throughout the house (especially in the interior arched doorways) and the detail is very craftsman, also like the rest of the house. I also thought the black really pops and brings out the color in the mailbox and storm door. [It’s difficult to see, but there is a window behind the dogwood, with a window box.]

Then we stuck 2 pots of yellow mums in each box. We kept them in the pots for easy removal before winter.

What do you think?

What simple things have you done to improve the curb appeal of your home?


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