the homeland.

Back in October, I went to Warsaw, Poland, to spend a week with a team of colleagues who work there. I work with them on a daily basis, so from a professional perspective, it was a very helpful trip.

However, it was a great trip from a personal standpoint, too. The city of Warsaw is not the most modern city I’ve ever been to, but it has some very beautiful pockets. The amazing thing about Warsaw, and Poland in general, is the pride and loyalty of its people. Poland was founded hundreds of years ago, but during the 1800s, Poland actually didn’t exist. Neighboring countries have fought for control over Poland, but the strength of the Polish people has always persevered in the end. While I am biologically Irish & Scottish (and very proud of that 🙂 ), I am also proud to be Polish by marriage!

I flew in with a coworker of mine and arrived late on a Sunday morning.

{ view from my hotel room at the Marriott }

I was tired from the jet lag (it was really the wee hours of the morning in the US), but I wanted to explore. So, we went to Old Town.

{ walking down Nowy Swiat to Old Town }

{ Nicolaus Copernicus, the Polish astronomer (below. not this guy ^) }

{ Michael’s likeness, holding up a (very heavy) building. }

{ state-of-the-art Mercedes plant. }

{ Presidential palace. }

{ A celebration for Pope John Paul II, who was Polish. }

{ very colorful buildings. }

{ they get married in Poland, too. }

{ the latest fashion trends, hot off the press from Warsaw }

{ classic. exactly how I would picture a typical old Polish man. }

{ Lody ice cream. Unfortunately, even I thought it was too chilly for ice cream. }

{ outdoor restaurants all over the square. }

{ me+baby. about 13 weeks pregnant. }

{ we had dinner at one of these restaurants. }

{ Polish birdies. }

{ rabbit. it was delicious. }

{ the Polish birds were very friendly. }

{ they didn’t think it was too cold for Lody ice cream. }

{ lots of Sunday weddings in Warsaw, apparently. }

I had a great trip & would love to go back with Michael someday.



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