little girl’s first bedroom

It’s finished, with a lot of help from many of little girl’s loved ones.

My mom made the gorgeous curtains. The fabric is Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain Deco Rose Navy. Michael & his dad hung the curtains.

Michael painted the walls & the trim, as well as refinished the window sill. The sill was pretty disgusting; the plaster wall around it was crumbling off in pieces & the sill itself was covered in several layers of cracked paint. He removed all of the old paint, rebuilt the wall around it, and repainted. It looks gorgeous.

There will be something above the crib, but that is a surprise for now 🙂

Michael also put the crib together.

I made the crib skirt using the same fabric as the curtains. It was ridiculously easy & didn’t require any sewing. Perfect for someone who isn’t crafty. The tutorial on Young House Love was my inspiration.

… and he and his dad put together the dresser.

The books were from many friends and family, but my friend Lauren generously gave us the majority of them! Part of her gift to us was a huge bin full of wonderful children’s books that we’ll treasure with little girl (and hopefully her siblings) for years to come.

Chris’ girlfriend, Carley, painted this amazing canvas of a cute hippo. She is so talented! The bunny I bought in Paris in November is hanging out next to him. Mom gave us the adorable little …dude?… in the pointed hat below them. If I sleep with it, it will retain my scent & calm down little girl when I can’t be with her.

This owl (“Owlie”) is one of my favorite gifts little girl has received, from my friend Erika. He’s hanging out in the reading corner.

And again, another project I dreamed up for Michael to do: he finished the IKEA kitchen cart we had in our old kitchen (mostly using this tutorial) to use as a changing table. It turned out fantastic. I was going to use the dresser as a changing table initially, but it was just a bit too tall for this shorty. The kitchen cart is just a bit lower, and only cost us a few cans of primer & spray paint.

Michael and his dad also replaced the door handle with this new one. The old one was a bit clunky & made a lot of noise when it was turned. Definitely not what we want when little girl is getting her sleep.

We look forward to the memories we’ll create with our daughter in this room … wiggles on the changing table, story time while snuggled in the chair, playtime on the floor, and sleepy smiles from the crib.

crib – Baby Mod ParkLane from Walmart

crib mattress – Sealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattress from Amazon

dresser – IKEA Hemnes

dresser knobs – mercury glass melon knob from anthropologie

changing table – IKEA FÖRHÖJA, refinished using this blog

glider – Peyton by Best, from Buy Buy Baby

ottoman (“floor poof”) – Target (seasonal, spring 2012)

curtain & crib skirt fabric – Amy Butler Daisy Chain Deco Rose Navy from

crib skirt tutorial – Young House Love

bunny prints – Etsy seller krisblues

lion print – by artist Marisa Haedike, bought on

hippo canvas – gift from Carley 🙂

prints in square frames – cut from a 2010 Paper Source calendar

dresser lamp -Target (seasonal, spring 2012)

floor lamp – Target

rug – 5×7 zig zag rug from Urban Outfitters

wall frames – Ribba collection from IKEA

wall shelves – Ribba ledges from IKEA

mirror – Target, from 2010

birds on the wall – Target (seasonal, spring 2012)

changing table containers, lighter color – Target

changing table containers, darker color – Lowes

aqua petal throw pillow – Grandin Road, 13″ round

crib sheet – Carter’s Easy-Fit Velour Fitted Sheet, ecru from Babies R Us

changing pad cover – Boppy, sand from Babies R Us

books – so many generous gifts from friends & family!

plush owl – Pier 1

wooden sheep – lacing sheep by Plan Toys, a gift from Laurel 🙂


13 thoughts on “little girl’s first bedroom

  1. Love the room! It is very utilitarian, but beautiful at the same time. You know what this means….it’s time for baby girl to arrive!! Can’t wait!!

  2. Hi Ashley, I was curious how well the Walmart crib is holding up. Thinking about getting it but wanted to see if you had any insight/complaints now that you’ve been living with it for a few months since I’ve read it can ding really easily. Also read that it is not as tall and therefore easier to lift baby in and out for shorter parents. Thanks in advance! (p.s. also spying the Urban Outfitters rug… still nice and soft?)

    • Hi Vivian, The crib is holding up very well – but Evie is only 4 months old and not testing it’s durability yet! Ask me in a few months when she’s a bit more mobile 🙂 I will say, I love the convenience of the crib drawer. It’s perfect for holding blankets & extra crib sheets. As for the rug: I highly recommend it. It is getting softer with time (it didn’t start off extremely soft). My favorite part: when Evie projectile spits up all over it, it comes out very easily with a damp rag. She also seems to like touching the rug; the texture feels different to her.

      • lol I guess she isn’t quite leaving teeth marks in the railing quite yet 🙂 Thanks for the info!

  3. I think you did a great job! I have the IKEA Hemnes and have been thinking about ordering the same crib though I have read that the crib is a bright white and the dresser is more of an off white. They look nice together in the picture. Are they noticeably off?

    • Thank you! It’s funny you ask. The crib IS a bright white and the IKEA Hemnes is a bit off-white. When we first were assembling the furniture in the room, it was very apparent.

      This crib was actually the 2nd crib I had delivered to the house; the first was VERY off-white; moreso than the dresser. So then I went with this crib, thinking it would be a much better match to the dresser. It definitely doesn’t match, but it was at that point that I realized I was going to have to let go of trying to get all of the furniture to be the same white, especially if they weren’t all going to be from the same company.

      Since they are not right next to each other, and because of everything else going on the room, they are definitely NOT noticeably different colors.

      Good luck!

  4. Great thanks for resonding so quickly. I am still considering this crib as well as an expresso crib? I also have a white IKEA jenny lund chair so I’m not sure if it would too much white. The expresso could work too because the knobs are harder and I could tie it together with baskets, shelf es and assessories. I’m thinking perhaps the expresso would break or up a bit. I never gave much thought to whites matching but realizing that it’s not easy to do.

  5. With the differences in white between the dresser and the crib, how would you feel if they were side by side? We have the Baby Mod Parklane crib and am looking at the Hemnes dresser but they will be very close together in the room in an L shape. Thanks!

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