evie: day one.

I’m going to take some time to write about Evelyn’s birth story, but first, I thought I’d post some pictures of her first days in this world.

My time in the hospital was extremely pleasant. I will always look back and remember these days as days of wonder, beauty & love.

{minutes old}

{strong pair of lungs, from the second she was born}

{meeting her adoring grandmas}

{and her Aunt Emmy}

{and the proud grandpas}

{my daddy.}

{within an hour of birth, stuffing as many fingers in her mouth as she can}

{wide eyed in her daddy’s arms later that morning}

{mommy & daughter. the morning after our long night together.}

{later that morning, after family had gotten some rest, they returned to visit with Evie}

{meeting her godfather Chris for the first time}


{Papa’s girl.}

{their first grandchild.}

{Grandma bonding with her namesake (Kathleen)}

{smiles … or gas …  for mama. she likes them both.}

{craning her neck up toward Daddy}

{when she was first brought to me, she was blowing bubbles … she hasn’t stopped moving her mouth or tongue since.}

{post-lunch nap & showing off her impressive fingernails}

{her proud father.}


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