evie: day two.

{very comfortable with her Uncle Chris}

{wearing her hat that Aunt Val knit for her … unfortunately, her noggin’ was a bit too big.}

{meeting Aunt Laurel for the first time & giving her a look of suspicion. Don’t worry Evie, Laurel’s on our team.}

{Aunt Lo & Evie}

{Aunt Lo & Uncle D … very special visitors}

{Could she look any prouder? 🙂 }

{some face time with mommy}

{loves to be soothed by being on her side & having a loud SHHHHH in her ear}

{instant happiness}

{safe with daddy}

{best buds}

{hanging like the squirrels do in our backyard tree}

{“who is that?”}

{daddy the diaper changing champ}

{dry diaper, one tear drying.}



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