ready for her close up.

Natalie from Bella Baby Photography knocked on our hospital room door the day after Evelyn was born and took some beautiful pictures of her.

Unfortunately Miss Evie was pretty sleepy & wouldn’t show off her baby blues (or whatever color they are … we are having trouble determining this). However, her parents are in agreement: Evelyn is the most photogenic baby there ever was.

{daddy’s hands holding his daughter’s feet}

{holding on to mommy’s hand}

{our little angel}



9 thoughts on “ready for her close up.

    • What a proud Grandma and Grandpa you both must be!. I was so thrilled when I had my first Grandbaby. Abigail Kathrine will be 14 in August. Time flies by so fast. Congratulations and God’s blessings to you all.

      • Thank you so much Carolea! This is such an exciting time, and we are enjoying every minute of it! It was so sweet of you to send the blankets to Ashley and Michael. When I was there the first week, we used them a lot to “swaddle” her. Hope all is well with you and your family!

  1. II know her Great Grandma Beatty and Grandpa Beatty are looking down from Heaven and telling each other how beautiful and precious she is!

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