more grandparents!

[Evelyn is almost 3 weeks old in these pictures.]

Evelyn is a very lucky girl. On her birth day (actually, the day before she was born), both sets of grandparents made the drive to meet her. My mom stayed for a few days, then when she left, Michael’s sister & her husband & boys came to visit. After that, there was a week of just the 3 of us, then my mom came for the week Michael went back to work.

Then, that Friday (May 11), Michael’s parents visited for the weekend. We are so blessed to have such a loving family, willing to drive hours & hours to visit with Evie and help us out around the house.

Here’s Evelyn, looking very subdued in Michael’s dad’s arms.

Sporting extra-fluffy hair for the occasion.

Evelyn & Michael’s mom.

That Saturday, we put Evelyn down on her playmat during dinner. We had tried this a few times before, but this was the first time she was content to be by herself for more than a minute or two! All four of the adults sat and ate dinner together while Evie listened to the forest sounds and made eyes with the monkey.

Thank you, Karen, for getting this gift for Evie! Since this picture was taken, the rainforest play mat has become a fun activity for Evie & it provides a much-needed break for her parents ๐Ÿ™‚ย  She especially loves the elephant rattle and is just now starting to “talk” to the animals.

Grandma enjoying some Evie-time.

Wide-eyed girl.

Talking with Grandpa.

Taking a break for snuggles.

Going for an evening walk. Michael’s coworkers – thank you for the Ergo carrier! It’s pure magic. Every time we put her in it, she instantly falls asleep.

Morning kisses from Grandma.

Going on a walk in nearby Elizabeth Gardens.

Evelyn especially liked the brick pavers … she likes bumpy rides.

Off roading with Grandpa & Daddy.


Deep in conversation with Grandpa.

Must be an interesting story.

Checking things out.

Working out her neck muscles.

Happy time with Grandma!

Daddy working his magic and calming her down.

Enjoying some last snuggles before getting on the road. We will see you at her baptism in a few weeks, Grandma!

Lovin’ the play mat.

Listening to the music, looking at the colors, checking out the animals.

Of course, every activity doesn’t have an infinite level of pacification …

… but naps with Daddy come pretty close.


a visit from Grandma!

My mom so generously came down & helped us out for Michael’s first week back at work! Evelyn had just turned 2 weeks old.

Here they are, playing Words with Friends together.

Uncle Chris came for dinner one night. She always seems fascinated by him.

Just barely held back by Mommy from the precipice of hysterics. Sometimes holding her on her side and/or giving her the pacifier helps calm her. The pacifier has about a 30% success rate in our experience.

This is Evelyn’s sign for “Let’s go shopping for some pretty things.”

Walking down the street with Mommy & Grandma … on our way to shop for pretty things.

Being a pretty great shopper … she gets it from her Mommy & Grandma.

Evie & Grandma, all girly in pink & purple.


Thanks for coming down, Mom! It was so helpful to have an extra set of hands, especially that week! I know Evelyn really enjoyed the snuggles & bedtime stories. I think this is the start of a very special bond ๐Ÿ™‚

iphone download, Apr 27 – May 4

Apr 27 (5 days old) – First doctor’s appointment! 9 lb 12 oz, 22.5″ … 2 oz away from your birth weight.

Healthy baby = happy parents. Plus, we love her pediatrician!

Hikin’ up her pants and hangin’ out with Daddy.

Snuggles with Mommy.

Cousin Owen (foreground) & Aunt Becca accompanied us on our first car outing (to Target, of course).

Evie & Daddy ready for bed. Thank you, Biz, for the beautiful (and so soft) blanket on the chair … Evie loves to snuggle with it before going to bed.

One week old – First Urgent Care visit. Evelyn woke up with a swollen eye. It’s very likely she punched or scratched herself in the face … she can’t control her strength yet.

Deep in thought.

Sleepy smiles.

After a sponge bath … rockin’ her extra-fluffy hair.

Hard at work with Daddy.

Our little drunken sailor.

Even the burpy bib can’t keep her hands from wanting to get involved (see her fingers, peeking out).

… and the swaddle blanket can’t contain her guns.

Concentrating on Daddy’s tasty finger.

Hello beautiful! Note two of the necessities always close by when I’m feeding Evie … ice water, her log book (for recording important things like pooey diapers & how long she eats). My iPhone is the 3rd necessity.

Relaxing with Mommy on the deck.

It’s a tiring job.

First time in the Ergo carrier.

Sleepy giggles ๐Ÿ™‚


want photo prints?

If anyone is interested in ordering prints of pictures from Evelyn’s first two weeks, the links are below. I’ve uploaded all of the pictures to Picasa because they offer printing at several companies.

If you click “Prints” above the pictures (between “Add Photos” and “Actions”) and then “Order Prints,” you’ll have a choice of printing pictures at either Snapfish, Shutterfly, LifePics, fotoflลt, Printed Art, Ritzpix or Walgreens.


Evelyn’s Birth Day

Evelyn: Day Two

Evelyn: Day Two Professional Pictures

Evelyn: Day Three

Evelyn: Day Four (Homecoming)

Evelyn: Day Five (First Full Day at Home)

Evelyn: Day Six

Visit from Aunt Becca, Uncle Mike & the Boys

Evelyn: Week Two

Photo Shoot at Home


photo shoot phail

As I posted previously, Evelyn had professional newborn pictures taken at the hospital the day after she was born. However, she was fast asleep during the entire shoot & wouldn’t show her beautiful eyes!

So, during her week at home with just me & her daddy, I thought we’d do a little photo shoot of our own.



… much easier said than done.


The window of opportunity for such an endeavor is extremely tiny. You need to quick feed & change her, then hope that she’s happy enough …. and hope that the time of day and weather cooperate so that you get enough light.


Well, we got her fed …

changed …

… and the light was adequate …

… but Miss Evelyn was not a happy camper.

Oh well!


sorry little girl, we’re new at this.

Evelyn is now 2 days shy of being 5 weeks old. We’re a little behind on blog posts, but when you get mere minutes of freedom at a time, going to the bathroom takes priority. Don’t worry – her ridiculous amount of cuteness more than makes up for the low amounts of sleep & high amounts of crying. (For the record, Evelyn is the one crying.)

The second week of Evelyn’s life was spent at home, just the three of us … trying to figure things out.ย  The week was full of, “I’m sorry, Evie … we’ll get better at this … we promise.”ย  It was fun, hanging out at home all week as a family of three, just learning the ropes of new parenthood.

{hanging out with daddy}

{on her throne}

{out on the deck, in her swing, for the first time}

{helping mommy write their birth story}

{one of her favorite ways to be pacified by daddy – and very ladylike about it, too}

{having a heart-to-heart with her godfather}

{post-sponge-bath fluffy hair}

{between the baby acne on her arms & legs and scratching herself in the face … miss evie still manages to look beautiful}

{out for a walk}

{watching the older kids play at the park}

{this week, I think we used the couch more than we ever have in the 3 years we’ve had it}

{daddy’s pinky again}

{the big guns. when all else fails (besides eating), she loves the exercise ball.}

{showing off her awesome double chin}

{… and the only time she hasn’t liked being worn in the Moby wrap}

{a neighbor’s beautiful flowers}

{latched on to her hand}

{… that didn’t last long}

{snuggles with daddy}

{… and sometimes, when mommy & daddy are sleep deprived, they think it’s funny to pretend their daughter is a gun.}

…. like I said … sleep deprived.

my first week at home, part 2. by evelyn.

On Friday, something crazy happened.

These other people, much smaller than the other people I’m used to, came to our house. Daddy called them things like aunt, uncle, and cousins.

They were a lot of fun! I wanted to play with them so bad, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that quite yet.

They brought two big people with them, too. One was a mommy.

One was a daddy.ย  I have a mommy & daddy too!

The littlest one was actually much bigger than I am. My mommy says I could be that size in about 7 months. I don’t think I believe her. He was huge! He was very friendly, though.

He sat in a big boy seat!

The biggest one was very smart. Here he is, winning a game on the iPad. One day, I hope I’m as smart as he is.

I mainly hung out with the littlest one. Like I said, he was very friendly.

He was also very curious!

I think he wanted to get in the swing with me.

I had to gently explain to him that he would have exceeded the weight limit on my swing. I knew, because I had read the warning label the day before.

It didn’t seem to phase him, though. He was very happy, especially when anyone would smile at him. So far, I don’t really smile back at people. When they smile at me, I give them a very thoughtful look, because I’m still learning and don’t know quite what to do yet.

Like I said, this kid was pret-ty darn happy.

But again, I was serious about the weight limit. He was very persistent.

Once I get bigger, I hope we become really good friends. Mommy says we’ll be in the same grade at school, but since he lives in another state, we won’t see each other at school.

Their mommy was really nice, like mine. She even took out all of the seeds from their watermelon so they could eat it.

She held me, and it felt really nice.

I also like their daddy. He talked and smiled at me. Those are my favorite things when someone is holding me. I wonder how he knew!

This is my daddy, holding the littlest “cousin.”

Now he’s holding the middle cousin too!

The littlest one was very strong, and wanted to climb on my daddy.

Daddy looks funny here ๐Ÿ™‚

Then Aunt Lo and Uncle D came over! I really like them, too.

Uncle D said he hadn’t held too many babies, so he didn’t know what he was doing.

I thought he did it perfectly. I was so cozy!

Here is my uncle and 2 of the little cousins, playing.

They seemed like so much fun!

I can’t wait to go to the place where they live, called Wisconsin. It sounds like a really great place, with lots of really nice people.

Mommy & me ๐Ÿ™‚

And here are my cousins, cuddling with their daddy. I’m happy people still cuddle with their mommies and daddies when they get older, because it’s one of my favorite hobbies.

Having my diaper & clothes changed is not one of my favorite hobbies.

But, when it’s all over, I somehow feel much better.

I guess Mommy & Daddy do know what’s best for me.

More cuddles.

Then, I got to cuddle with the little cousins.

Ben was very gentle.

I liked looking at him.

Then, the bigger cousin cuddled with me.

He seemed like a professional. I think he has had a lot of practice.

I can’t wait to see my cousins and aunt and uncle next time. I hope I’m able to play a little bit more, because they seemed like a lot of fun!

On Sunday, I was exactly one week old!ย  However, I woke up and my eye didn’t feel so great. Mommy and Daddy took me to the doctor.

The doctor said she didn’t know what it was, but that it was probably okay. Oh well, it was my first trip to urgent care, and that’s pretty exciting!


When we got back home, we had another visitor! It was Mommy & Daddy’s friend, Brenna.

She was really nice & had lots of really interesting stories to tell! She said she was on her way to go live in Washington D.C. I hope, someday, I get to go there. It sounded beautiful.


Well, that was my first week at home! Actually, these two blog posts only covered 4 days: Thursday through Sunday! Days are really exciting at home. I can’t wait to see what else there is to do, and who else there is to meet.