evie: day three.

{I posted Day Four a little prematurely … that’s what happens when you’re holding an itty bitty baby in your left arm.}

This is the Tuesday after the Sunday she was born. My recovery continued to go well. On Monday, I had taken my first walk in the hallway; on Tuesday, my goal was to do three laps around the recovery floor.

Michael and I were doing well on little sleep. Michael’s sleep wasn’t even that great, having only a horrible pull-out chair to sleep on. If we hadn’t had the cesarean, we would have been in Family Beginnings with a nice queen bed for recovery, but since I needed the elevated bed, we were in a regular room. He was a good sport, to say the very least.

{skin-to-skin time with mommy.}

{finding & binding Bilirubins with Daddy … Evelyn had slight jaundice}

{She loves her snuggles with Grandma… she even hooked herself 🙂 }

{Our first “date.” My mom watched Evie in the room while Michael and I did some laps in the hallways.}

{Doesn’t totally look like it, but Evie loves the superman/football hold}

{Daddy kisses}

{Aunt Lo stopped by with dinner! We paid her back in Evie snuggles.}

{She was quite happy with that.}


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