my first week at home, part 1. by evelyn.

Hanging out with Mommy in my really nice bedroom.


Mommy really likes to give me kisses.


Relaxing on my throne is one of my favorite things to do at home, second to being held.


Going for my first walk in the neighborhood with Daddy, Mommy & Grandma!


We ran into Aunt Lo on our walk! I got to meet Cousin Rilo for the first time. She looks a little bit different than other people I’ve met.  Mommy and Daddy said she’s a doggie.  Maybe doggies are different-looking people.  Anyways, she was very friendly. I can’t wait to get bigger so I can really play with her.


This is me and Mommy at the really cool park down the street. It did look really fun, but I felt better staying snuggled in my blanket and cuddling with Mommy. Maybe I’ll play on the swings and in the sand area next time.


Grandma was here to spend time with me during my first week. She is a lot of fun because she’s a really good cuddler and she talks to me a lot. Cuddling is one of my favorite things to do.


These are the faces I see the most. They tell me things like “I love you” and “Evelyn, it’s okay.” They really need to learn more songs besides the ABCs and the Newsies soundtrack, though. I know I was born just last week, but there have got to be other songs out there.


It’s okay. They love me a lot. I can feel it.


Grandma loves me too.


A lot.


… and she buys me pretty things. That’s a bonus.


Daddy is one of my favorites.


He knows how to calm me down when I’m sad. … and good news: I think I’ve got him wrapped pretty tightly around my finger already.


Oh! I also like taking naps with people.


This is me, checking out my car seat. It’s a pretty sweet ride.


Here I am reading the warning label. You can never be too careful.


Me & Mommy dancing while she sings to me.


Hey, who is sticking their finger in my mouth? This little hand keeps hitting me in the face. I wish the person it belongs to would stop doing that.


On my throne, tired out from all of the dancing and singing.


7 thoughts on “my first week at home, part 1. by evelyn.

  1. When I am not there in person, your blog keeps me updated on Evie and your day! Thanks, honey! Beautiful pictures!

  2. She is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story, Evelyn. I hope you and mommy had a wonderful mothers day. Those hands that keep hitting you, try sucking on them. Katelyn wishes she could figure out how to keep them in her mouth!

  3. Oh dear!Ang laki mo na!Cute ka pa rin even when crying!Kids loves long hours of pialyng outside lalo na sa parks.Minsan ako na lang ang giniginaw sa labas coz I have to wait for my kids to finish pialyng.

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