sorry little girl, we’re new at this.

Evelyn is now 2 days shy of being 5 weeks old. We’re a little behind on blog posts, but when you get mere minutes of freedom at a time, going to the bathroom takes priority. Don’t worry – her ridiculous amount of cuteness more than makes up for the low amounts of sleep & high amounts of crying. (For the record, Evelyn is the one crying.)

The second week of Evelyn’s life was spent at home, just the three of us … trying to figure things out.  The week was full of, “I’m sorry, Evie … we’ll get better at this … we promise.”  It was fun, hanging out at home all week as a family of three, just learning the ropes of new parenthood.

{hanging out with daddy}

{on her throne}

{out on the deck, in her swing, for the first time}

{helping mommy write their birth story}

{one of her favorite ways to be pacified by daddy – and very ladylike about it, too}

{having a heart-to-heart with her godfather}

{post-sponge-bath fluffy hair}

{between the baby acne on her arms & legs and scratching herself in the face … miss evie still manages to look beautiful}

{out for a walk}

{watching the older kids play at the park}

{this week, I think we used the couch more than we ever have in the 3 years we’ve had it}

{daddy’s pinky again}

{the big guns. when all else fails (besides eating), she loves the exercise ball.}

{showing off her awesome double chin}

{… and the only time she hasn’t liked being worn in the Moby wrap}

{a neighbor’s beautiful flowers}

{latched on to her hand}

{… that didn’t last long}

{snuggles with daddy}

{… and sometimes, when mommy & daddy are sleep deprived, they think it’s funny to pretend their daughter is a gun.}

…. like I said … sleep deprived.


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