a visit from Grandma!

My mom so generously came down & helped us out for Michael’s first week back at work! Evelyn had just turned 2 weeks old.

Here they are, playing Words with Friends together.

Uncle Chris came for dinner one night. She always seems fascinated by him.

Just barely held back by Mommy from the precipice of hysterics. Sometimes holding her on her side and/or giving her the pacifier helps calm her. The pacifier has about a 30% success rate in our experience.

This is Evelyn’s sign for “Let’s go shopping for some pretty things.”

Walking down the street with Mommy & Grandma … on our way to shop for pretty things.

Being a pretty great shopper … she gets it from her Mommy & Grandma.

Evie & Grandma, all girly in pink & purple.


Thanks for coming down, Mom! It was so helpful to have an extra set of hands, especially that week! I know Evelyn really enjoyed the snuggles & bedtime stories. I think this is the start of a very special bond šŸ™‚


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