more grandparents!

[Evelyn is almost 3 weeks old in these pictures.]

Evelyn is a very lucky girl. On her birth day (actually, the day before she was born), both sets of grandparents made the drive to meet her. My mom stayed for a few days, then when she left, Michael’s sister & her husband & boys came to visit. After that, there was a week of just the 3 of us, then my mom came for the week Michael went back to work.

Then, that Friday (May 11), Michael’s parents visited for the weekend. We are so blessed to have such a loving family, willing to drive hours & hours to visit with Evie and help us out around the house.

Here’s Evelyn, looking very subdued in Michael’s dad’s arms.

Sporting extra-fluffy hair for the occasion.

Evelyn & Michael’s mom.

That Saturday, we put Evelyn down on her playmat during dinner. We had tried this a few times before, but this was the first time she was content to be by herself for more than a minute or two! All four of the adults sat and ate dinner together while Evie listened to the forest sounds and made eyes with the monkey.

Thank you, Karen, for getting this gift for Evie! Since this picture was taken, the rainforest play mat has become a fun activity for Evie & it provides a much-needed break for her parents 🙂  She especially loves the elephant rattle and is just now starting to “talk” to the animals.

Grandma enjoying some Evie-time.

Wide-eyed girl.

Talking with Grandpa.

Taking a break for snuggles.

Going for an evening walk. Michael’s coworkers – thank you for the Ergo carrier! It’s pure magic. Every time we put her in it, she instantly falls asleep.

Morning kisses from Grandma.

Going on a walk in nearby Elizabeth Gardens.

Evelyn especially liked the brick pavers … she likes bumpy rides.

Off roading with Grandpa & Daddy.


Deep in conversation with Grandpa.

Must be an interesting story.

Checking things out.

Working out her neck muscles.

Happy time with Grandma!

Daddy working his magic and calming her down.

Enjoying some last snuggles before getting on the road. We will see you at her baptism in a few weeks, Grandma!

Lovin’ the play mat.

Listening to the music, looking at the colors, checking out the animals.

Of course, every activity doesn’t have an infinite level of pacification …

… but naps with Daddy come pretty close.


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