iphone download, Apr 22-26

I forgot some earlier files from our phones!

Here’s a screenshot of my phone while I was having contractions. Michael recorded most of the contractions on his phone, but this was my phone … so the intervals & durations may seem a little off.

It’s official … on Facebook.

Brand-spankin’-new in her hospital-issued outfit.

With Grandpa Barto

and Grandma & Papa M. 🙂

Face time with Daddy.

She was a pro at finding her fingers when she was first born. She hasn’t been as adept since. We could tell she was probably very used to doing this in my tummy.

On her third day of life.

Sunning with Daddy to bind some bilirubins.

Hint that she had slight jaundice: No baby of ours is born with a better tan than I’ve ever had in my life.

She loves to put her hand under her chin when she’s resting.

Cuddles with Grandma.

Heisman (kind of) with Daddy.

Sleeping next to Mommy.

Milk face.

Getting her nails did by Daddy.

Going home.

Story time with Daddy.

First night at home, sleeping next to us.

Trying out a nap in the crib. Her arms started down by her side, swaddled in tight.

First (of many) trips to Graeter’s.

So cute she doesn’t even care.

Getting some lovin’ from Uncle Chris.

She doesn’t mind nakey time at all.

Showing off her chunk.

Bedtime Bears with Daddy.

Jackson’s Graeter’s face

… and Ben’s …

… and O-Baby’s   🙂

She turned down Black Raspberry Chip.  ::gasp::

The grandchildren, except for Lucas!

Woke up on her 1-week birthday with a shiner that got her a visit to urgent care.

She lets you know how she feels.

Quite the volume.

Daddy communicating his feelings, via the video monitor, about getting Evie down to sleep.

Deck smiles.

Happy family.


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