iphone download, May 5-15

Can’t get enough couch snuggles. They are amazing!

Snug as a bug … in a crib.

As the nap progresses, she sprawls out … just like Mommy šŸ™‚

Calming down with Daddy before bedtime. She’s wearing her Swaddleme, just like every night. Since her startle reflex is so strong, these are a God-send!

Out shopping with Mommy & Grandma and calming down with a pacifier.

She shopped … and dropped.

Always a hand under her chin.

Ridiculously cute happy morning giggles.

love, love, love.

In action:

Folding laundry with Daddy.

Burping with Mommy.

Our new little obsession, all bundled up in a small package.

… and she breaks free (picture from the video monitor).

Also a God-send: any type of baby sling or carrier! This is the Moby (below). We also use the Ergo (with the infant insert for now). Evelyn loves both, and usually falls asleep within the first 20 minutes of being worn. As I type this, I am bouncing on a yoga ball and wearing her in the Ergo, as she examines my face (and I may or may not also be singing the Circle of Life to keep her happy … she loves us singing. Or at least thinks it’s amusing enough to keep her happy.). The picture below was taken the first day I was alone with Evelyn and figured out the magic of baby-wearing. She was able to nap, and I was able to accomplish one or two things for the day! Win-win.

Hmm … what are these tasty little things?

Burping is surrious business.


Lounging in the morning. She loves nakey time.

Wide awake and content in her crib!

Me & happy Evie šŸ™‚Ā  Thank you, Greg & Anna, for the cute outfit. I love both the purple one (+ matching hat below) and the brighter pink one. Babysoy’s things are so soft! I liked them so much, I bought the similar outfits for two friends with new babies.

Forget where we were going … probably Graeter’s.


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