Evelyn: 1 Month Old.

Age 1 month

[She is currently 7 weeks old. At this rate, I’ll be doing her 10-year-old update when she’s nearly twenty.]

Weight 10 lb 11 oz

Length ~22.5″

Clothing size 0-3 month in most items

Hair getting longer. Looks like it’s thinning, but may just be because it’s getting longer.

Teeth none.

Sleeping We start her bedtime routine around 8:00/9:00: feeding, changing & then feeding her until she’s in a light sleep. She sleeps until 2:00 or 3:00, then wakes to eat. She’s up around 5:30/6:30 for the day. She slept in her bassinet in our room for the first week or so. Since then, she’s done very well in her crib. Since she’s a noisy sleeper, we all get more sleep this way 🙂 The video monitor is the only way I’d allow her to sleep outside of our room … I just set up the iPad on my nightstand and I can see her really well.

Eating Nursing is going well. She eats every 2-3 hours during the day. She’s always had very loud GULPS at the start of her meal, but she’s starting to vocalize throughout the entire feeding. It’s pretty dang cute. One frustrating thing is that she is very eager to “help out” with her own hands. I normally have to restrain her hands in the beginning. We haven’t introduced bottles yet; maybe around 6 weeks.

Movement Not a lot of control over her movement. She startles easily, and will splay her arms WAY out & open her eyes really wide. Both her arms and legs are extremely active. She frequently pops herself in the face with her hands & gets upset with us about it. Very strong neck muscles. On May 2, she was lying on my chest for a nap & turned her neck right & left 5 times!

Milestones First time to urgent care, first hospital stay (besides birth), first time she slept 6 hours straight, first sleep smiles, first/second/third times to Graeter’s ice cream

Favorite toys/activities rainforest play mat (specifically the elephant & monkey), stuffed lion, being bounced on the yoga ball and/or danced with while being sung to, having a clean diaper put on, being worn in the Ergo or Moby & going for a walk

Dislikes pacifier (she was only into it during her hospital stay, with the Sweet Ease) and being still. She doesn’t like to be held for too long if you’re not bouncing her, she doesn’t like to be in the car seat too long unless the car or stroller is moving.

Words & sounds short coo’s, turning into longer ones around 4 weeks. Starting to cry with more expression.

What we love The way she follows us with her bright eyes. Her sleep smiles. Her nighttime sleep habits.

What we don’t love her growth spurt around 4 weeks … crying for no reason other than to just be held.

What we’re looking forward to next month More personality, more vocalizing, sleeping more at night


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