God Bless Evelyn

The day Evelyn turned 7 weeks old, she was baptized at the University of Notre Dame, our alma mater.

We knew we were going to be on campus for a friend’s wedding on Friday. So, we checked availability of the Log Chapel on Sunday & the availability of Michael’s friend, Matt. Matt was Michael’s RA in college and was ordained as a Holy Cross priest the week before Evelyn was born. He is currently living in Mexico as the priest of a very large parish. We were very lucky that he was able to make time in his extremely busy schedule to be with us on campus and welcome Evie into the Church.

These pictures are a mash-up of ones that Michael, Michael’s parents, my sister and I had taken that weekend.

Here is Michael, giving Evelyn a bottle.

Evie was very reluctant when we first introduced bottles. It took a few days of adamant protesting on her part. Soon, however, she was quickly gulping them down! I’m happy that she enjoys her bottles, so other special people in her life can feed her while I get a break! It’s also great practice for when I go back to work (on July 10), when I’ll be pumping in the office and Evie will be taking bottles during the day.

…And here is our pretty girl, wearing her first hair accessory and her absolutely gorgeous, handmade dress by Grandma Barto! I love the dress. It’s a floral fabric with tiny royal blue flowers and green leaves, with royal blue lining & a ribbon sash (the flower also goes on the sash). I wish we had gotten a better picture of it, but it definitely has room for her to grow … so she will be wearing it many more times! She’s wearing it here for her brief cameo at the wedding we attended on Friday. Grandma & Grandpa Barto babysat her in the hotel room upstairs for the rest of the night while we partied it up 🙂

Bottle time with Grandpa.

Taking a break from the party to wish my little girl a good night.

Evelyn got to see her 3 cousins again, since they made the trip for the baptism! Here is O-Baby.

O-Baby & his beautiful mama.

O-Baby was about 8 months old when these pictures were taken.


Girl talk with Aunt Becca.

Always smiling for her daddy!

Modeling her pretty summer dress & match espadrilles.Thank you, Tim & Lana!

Meeting Grams for the first time. Michael’s grandma has 33 great-grandchildren & Evelyn is her 31st.  That’s right … there have been two great-grandkids born since Evie! Easton was the 32nd and Rafael was the 33rd, I believe.

Grams & Evie having a very serious discussion.

O-Baby is a strong baby!

Hard to believe that in a matter of months, Evie will have strength & head control like her cousin.

Later that day, going to CJ’s pub for some burgers and meeting Father Matt.

Ben loves Baby Evie.

Squinty Jackson snuggling with his mommy.

Grandpa checkin’ in with Evie.

*Love* this picture of Evie with her Aunt Em.

Lottie & Ben

Michael (Emily’s Michael 🙂 … let’s call him Michael D.), Emily, Carley & Chris.

Naptime close to her daddy.



Ben .. probably been a cutie again.

Michael and his Godson … and Evie.

It seems every time I look, this baby has a smile on his face.

Baptism morning! Smiles during a diaper change with Grandma.

Notre Dame’s Log Chapel … a replica of the one built in 1831.

Grandma holding Evelyn in her baptismal gown. Evelyn is the third generation to wear this gown. My grandma (my mom’s mom) made the gown for her four children, including my mom. Then I wore it, then my brother, and then my sister. It hadn’t been worn for 21 years, but it was still pristine & beautiful.

Grandma & Papa

The sign of the cross

Evie’s Godfather.

She was so calm while having water poured on her. She likes having her hair washed! Father Matt made sure the holy water was warm, and that made all the difference.

Chris (Godfather), Becca (Godmother), me & Michael.

The newest member of the Church!

Little family of three.

Thank you, Father Matt!

With the Godparents.

Three generations.

Kisses from Grams.

Log Chapel steeple

Everyone walking down to the grotto … Jackson was smart and hitched a ride with Michael D.

Michael, Jackson & Mike lighting a candle.

Our little angel.

…Love these pictures of our family… Mom, Dad, me, Evie, Emily & Chris.

Evelyn is so lucky that her great-grandma came to her baptism! We all love Grams very much.

A close-up of Evie’s gown.

Baptism brunch at Tippecanoe Place … relaxin’ with Papa & Aunt Em.

Observing from her perch on Grandpa’s shoulder.

Grams, beautiful as always.

O-Baby having a ball, bouncing with Grandpa.

Just missing Jeremy, Tina & Lucas!

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Chris, Carley, Emily & Michael …. Grams, Lottie, Michael’s parents, Becca, Mike, Jackson, Ben & Owen for making the trip to campus for Evelyn’s baptism! It was a wonderful weekend and we feel so blessed by your love & presence in her life (our lives).


One thought on “God Bless Evelyn

  1. I can’t wait to see the side by side picture of you guys at the grotto when you drop evie off for college=)

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