definition of dote

1. to bestow or express excessive love or fondness habitually.
2. to show a decline of mental faculties, especially associated with old age.
I’m sure I could do a post focusing on my personal experience with #2, but let’s focus on #1 for now.

Evelyn is pretty used to being doted upon by now, so this was nothing new for her.  The weekend after she was baptized (8 weeks old; she is now 10 weeks), we drove up to visit my parents & sister, and introduce her to some family friends.

She’s so comfortable in her Aunt Emily’s arms.

Being the center of attention is downright exhausting.

We lured visitors to the house with the promise of food & a cute baby.

Loving the attention from her Aunt Em.

What? Mom! Go away … I’m telling Aunt Em all of my secrets.

OK, Daddy. I guess you can hear my secrets.

Pensive on the patio.

For some reason, everyone wore Evelyn’s sunhat but Evelyn herself.

Put the hat back on. It was a better look.

Even Grandma tried it on.

Mommy just snickered & drank her margarita.

Here’s Dad, cooking steaks as large as our heads.

All snuggled up and safe in Grandma’s arms.

Papa’s turn.

~ Love ~


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