Evelyn: 2 Months Old.

Age 2 months

Weight 12 lb 10 oz

Length 24.5″

Clothing size mostly 3-6 month, a few 0-3 month items still

Hair getting a bit lighter and growing even longer, especially at the nape of her neck & on top … she is easing into a mullet of legendary proportions

Teeth none.

Sleeping She started to eliminate her 2:00/3:00am wake time and sleep until about 5:00 … then she transitioned back to her night wakings. We traveled 3 weekends in a row in June; not sure if that threw her off schedule or not.

Eating Hungry like clockwork, every 2.5-3 hours. Getting to be very adept at the whole nursing thing (me too). We started giving her a bottle of breastmilk once a day. She pretty much refused it (only took down a couple ounces after an hour or so of trying), but then started gulping it down after 3 days.

Movement She has started to intentionally swipe at objects in her vision. She’ll lay under her rainforest and swipe at toys, or lay on Michael’s legs and grab onto his thumbs in front of her face. We’ve learned that she’s right-handed. She uses her right hand much more to swipe at things, rather than her left. She kicks her right leg a lot more than her left, as well.

Milestones We think she has discovered that her hands are attached to herself & within her control, since she has been swiping at things. She attended her first wedding (cameo appearance) on June 8. She was baptized at Notre Dame on June 10. Has started to vocalize/”sing” with us when we’re singing. When we mimic her coo’s, she will coo back, as if she’s having a conversation. Extremely vocal.

Favorite toys/activities Face-to-face time with one of us while we’re singing. She still loves her rainforest play mat, complete with Mow Mow the monkey, the hungry caterpillar/butterfly, elephant and a busy bee. She likes to hang out in the Pack n Play downstairs with the vibrating bassinet and listen to the nature sounds. She likes her Baby Einstein “iPod” that plays music and has lights … perfect for when she’s fussy on the go. She likes to watch her music walking penguin, too. … pretty music anything that makes music, she loves.

Dislikes Sitting still and not being rocked or bounced while being held. In the car seat in the car at a stoplight (no movement). Gas bubbles. Pacifier (9x out of 10). Vaccinations. 😦

Words & sounds (See above under Milestones)

What we love Having her “talk” and “sing” back to us! Becoming more interactive. Squealing (she does this during tummy time). Only changing poopy diapers every 5-7 days. Her predictability & moderate flexibility.

What we don’t love That she went from sleeping through the night to waking up again! She tricked us 🙂

What we’re looking forward to next month Becoming even more interactive & seeing her personality emerge more & more! NOT looking forward to me going back to work!


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