iphone download, June 14-21

June 14 – Bedtime with Daddy.

June 15 – She started with both arms straight down by her sides!

June 16 – Sunning on the patio at Grandma & Papa’s.

June 19 – This little girl likes tummy time. She’s pretty hard on herself, too. She’ll lift her head and shoulders up, squeal, strain, wobble, look around … and only come down to briefly touch the floor and head back up for some more.

Out to dinner with some of our friends from our Bradley childbirth class! The girls did great. All four adults were lucky to eat a very nice meal in peace! The place was busy, and we think the white noise & dim lights helped keep the girls sleepy.

Out for some fun & ice cream at Graeter’s. I’m confident Evelyn is going to be known here by name by the time she’s one year old.

Evelyn & Katelyn = best buds.

The mamas with matching diaper bags šŸ™‚

June 20 – Chatting with Mommy.

Napping with Daddy.

June 21 – Awake, calm and happy girl on the video monitor.


Middle of the night feeding … I thought we stopped these, girlie! šŸ™‚

Hanging out in her room early in the morning.


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