Evie completes the set

Evelyn met her Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Tina & Cousin Lucas for the first time when they came to visit last weekend.  She now has met all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins.

In August, she will then advance to the next level … meeting extended family. 🙂

Here she is, pooped out after having a fairly grumpy afternoon.

Sharing Mow Mow with Cousin Lucas.


Drawn to the red GE logo on our oven. Maybe a future engineer?

Offering me his treasured leaf that he found.

Very generous.

The only picture I took of the brothers the entire weekend. What a grave oversight.

Served over ice = tasty.

In this series of pictures, courtesy of Michael,

I learn that I tend to use my hands while talking …

… a lot.

Thank you for helping me realize this, babe.

He asked for a smile.

and I aim to please.

My hot husband, the father of my child.

A teetering, tottering tot.

This girl manages to smile & talk quite well (or even better) on her tummy.

Looking up at Mommy.

Feelin’ the burn.

Impromptu family photo session courtesy of Tina (and Jeremy, lighting).

I love this one.

Probably giggling at Uncle Jeremy.

Why is she giggling, you ask?

There ya go.

One last lift.

… and a rest with Mommy & Daddy.

Facetiming with Grandma & Grandpa Barto.

A little assist.

She was completely focused on them.

Swaddled up for bedtime. (Photos again courtesy of Tina … thank you!)

My second time trying the bottle. (Michael is the head honcho bottle giver.) She used to take the bottle, fairly easily, for about a week. Now, she’s back to fighting it.

Victory: I got her to accept it into her mouth.

Fail: She just wants to chew on it.

Not … gonna …


Mommy gave in and did things her way.

Good morning, Lucas! He really likes Evie’s rattle that she got from Grandma & Grandpa Barto.

… aaand those were all the pictures I took of our weekend with Jeremy, Tina & Lucas. I’m a bad person. I got one picture of Jeremy drinking a Coke & absolutely zero of Tina. However, in my defense, I did take some pictures on their camera, and they took a lot, too. Hope you got some more, guys, because I sure failed 🙂


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