the honeymoon is over.

My first day back at work was on Tuesday.

After my hour long drive home, the little time I have at home is best spent loving my husband & baby girl.

After she goes to bed, it’s time to clean things up a bit (just enough to make the place not look like an asylum), get ready for the next day and crash.

So … I cannot be in denial … there won’t be as many blog posts in the future.

I’ll try to write about big updates & post cute pictures, but now that my daughter is here, time is even more precious.

This is a tough transition & I appreciate everyone’s support & love.

… and since I can’t end a post without a picture, I leave you with this.

..and this.

…aaaaaand this.

last one.



I love you, baby girl.


2 thoughts on “the honeymoon is over.

  1. It must be very hard to be away from your precious daughte all day! We’ve enjoyed the frequent blogs. Here come a kiss for Evie and a hug for you and Michael

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