strike a pose

Evie enjoyed quality time with her Aunt Tina & Uncle Jeremy a couple weekends ago. We were lucky & Aunt Tina kept her camera handy for some beautiful shots. Thank you, Tina, for using your talent to capture our little girl! (…and for the ridiculously cute dresses.)

She loved to play with her hair and ears.

Her wispy hair.

Playing with her cousin Lucas.

Lucas using his Uncle Michael’s hair as a toy & pillow.

Hey there, girlie.

My fresh faced girl.

Workin’ it.

Boppy life.

Who is this person … who sort of looks like Daddy?

Hehe… he’s funny. Like Daddy.

Did I say funny?

Maybe funny …. lookin’!

He makes funny noises.

This guy’s pretty cool.

Wait a sec.

This isn’t right.

This isn’t my daddy.

I still like him, but I’ve started crying … so I need to finish crying.

… and now I feel like something’s missing.

Ah yes, much better.

Mommy understands me.

She knows I feel better when my hair’s done.

Here we are, having a conversation about the most recent Downton Abbey episode.

I think we were talking about how ridiculous Daisy is.

I mean, please. That girl is such a ditz, it’s not even believable.

But I digress.

Thank you for these head shots, Tina. They will round out my portfolio quite nicely.

Well, we’ll leave this one out.

I love you, Aunt Tina.


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