Evelyn: 3 Months Old.

Age 3 months

Weight about 15 pounds

Length maybe 26″? We’re guessing here. Her next appointment is at 4 months.

Clothing size 3-6 mos, but some of it is quickly becoming snug!

Hair still wispy & growing longer.

Teeth none yet, nor any teething.

Sleeping still a bit unpredictable. We put her to bed between 8:00 and 9:00, and she’ll wake up by 5:30 … sometimes at 2:30, or 3:30, or 4:30 …. whatever strikes her fancy. She sleeps in her crib in her room (since she was about 2-3 weeks old) & we keep the video monitor on my nightstand. She has also started falling asleep while playing, which is the cutest thing.

Eating loves to eat. She went through a phase of not liking the bottle again, which was our fault – we didn’t practice enough. Thankfully, she quickly got used to it again and takes about 4-5 ounces at each feeding with the bottle. Since my return to work, she takes 3 bottles while I’m gone, and I pump 3-4x during the day.

Movement She is starting to really move all over the place! She can now reliably turn from her back to tummy (only by turning to her left). She attempts this immediately almost every time you lay her on her back. She will swing her legs up perpendicular to her torso, swing them to her left, and gain enough momentum to roll. She gets pretty ticked, however, when her left arm gets stuck between her body and the ground and prevents her from rolling over completely. Because she started doing this, we would leave her left arm out of her swaddle to prevent her from rolling completely while swaddled (dangerous). Then, toward the end of her third month, we stopped swaddling her at night (she had already quit swaddles for naps). Now she just sleeps in a Sleep Sack, which is a nice way to keep her warm like a blanket, without the danger of it covering her face. When she wakes up at night, it’s not unusual to find her turned completely 180 degrees from where we laid her down. All of her attempts at rolling make her move all over the place!

In addition to rolling, she also loves to swipe at her toys & grab our hands. When she gets startled, her eyes, arms & legs go wide.

Milestones Holds up her head without support. Rolls from back to side & also back to tummy. Very strong neck & back while on her tummy. Sqeals, sqeaks, coos … she lets her voice wander where it may. She has discovered how to move her mouth & lips to make different sounds. Smiles at the drop of a hat. Grips & reliably holds onto toys. Sleeping without being swaddled. Mommy & Daddy’s first real date night. Mommy’s first days back at work. Putting the majority of her weight on her legs when we stand her up. She laughed for the first time while she was in the bathtub – she was giggling uncontrollably! She has only laughed a couple of times since.

Favorite toys/activities Still loves the rainforest play mat & her Baby Einstein “ipod.” Likes to look at & chat with her stuffed lion. Likes her soft book with black & white shapes, including a monkey’s face. Enjoys staring at the little chick that hangs from her car seat handle (“Shake n Bake” … per Michael).

Likes Sleeping on her side. Having her diaper changed (gets very chatty). Likes to look out at everything (either held over your shoulder or facing out). Bathtime … eyes get wide, lots of smiles, talks very loud. Falling asleep on her play mat during tummy time. Being sung to (always … any song … no matter how well you sing). When she’s fussing, we try: putting her on our shoulder & patting her back, holding her so she’s facing us & talking or singing to her, giving her the pacifier (especially if she’s tired).

Dislikes Being interrupted while eating to be burped. Getting overtired. Doesn’t particularly like to be held in the cradle position.

Words & sounds See milestones. Loves having conversations with you, especially first thing in the morning, at bedtime, on the changing table, or in the bath (so… always?).

What we love How interactive she’s becoming! We love how she’s experimenting with her voice & trying so hard to do new things. We also love how easy she seems right now (knock on wood). She’s pretty easy to figure out.

What we don’t love Not quite sleeping through the night … having a tendency to wake up around 4:00/4:30 am which is an awkward time – not enough time for me to go back to bed before work!

What we’re looking forward to next month More rolling … maybe from tummy to back? More “talking”! Her talking is probably my favorite thing. 

(Jul 22, 2012)


One thought on “Evelyn: 3 Months Old.

  1. How fun to have a chatty baby during diaper changes! I always laughed at the newsletter suggestions to “lean close and chat to your baby while changing her diaper.” Unless I wanted/want to get socked in the face by my kicking & screaming child, I don’t lean in! 🙂

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