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barto, party of three

When I came across Kelly’s photos on her blogย before Evie was born, I knew I wanted her come take photos of our little girl.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but I believe she captured the strength of our little family’s love…

… and Evie’s broad personality at 3 months … ranging from serious to playful.

Thank you, Kelly! ๐Ÿ™‚

Daphne Photo Studio

(Aug 4, 2012)

iPhone download, Jul 23-30

our little side sleeper.

Chest nap with Grandma

Discovering her fingers again (she knew about them before she was born; now they are inseparable again).

Going for a long, grueling (1.5 block) walk to Graeter’s. It makes us feel better that we’re working off all of the calories we consume when we get there.

Discussing life’s mysteries with Mommy & Daddy.

Sound asleep on Darrell’s shoulder. She’s done this on his shoulder many times … it’s magic!

Having fun with Uncle Chris.

Bedtime routine with Daddy.

The perfect way to start our day. Everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚

Learning her scales.

Sitting up like a big girl.ย  ::tear::

She loves her Inchworm toy. Thank you, Kathy & John!

… and she loves her inchworm onesie (thank you Carney’s!) … Now that I think about it, she must have a thing for inchworms.

She also has a thing for falling asleep while play. << luckiest parents ever >>

She did it again. (This time with dainty crossed legs.)

Out for a stroll.

Jul 30 – Evie’s big day: her first day of daycare!!

Getting settled at school with Mommy.

Whaddya think, baby girl? This looks like a fun place.

Evie didn’t think this was the best position in which to meet friends. So, right after this was taken, she decided to move to better see her new friend. She moved the only way she knows how (roll to the left) and put her feet squarely in her friend’s face. ๐Ÿ™‚

c+c leave for carolina

Chris & his girlfriend, Carley, recently both got awesome jobs in beautiful North Carolina. As sad as we were to see Chris leave, we are so happy for them because they get to live in the same city! We hung out with them the weekend before they left for their big adventure.

Waking up with daddy & uncle Chris.

… and then falling back asleep.

Being doted upon by Laurel. It’s safe to say they’re pretty good pals.

Enjoying the day in our backyard.

(The deck was drying from being stained.)

Face-to-face with Carley.

We’re all going to miss you, Chris & Carley! Can’t wait to visit in October.

(Jul 29, 2012)

bradley babies

When I was pregnant with Evelyn, we took 8 weeks of childbirth classes based on the Bradley method of natural childbirth. The Bradley method focuses on the husbands as coaches during pregnancy, labor & delivery. We went through the class with 4 other couples. 2 of us had girls and 3 had little boys: Evelyn, Katelyn, Cade, Max & Fletcher. When the youngest (Fletcher) was about 4 weeks old, we had a reunion with all of the Bradley families.

Here are all of the daddies, proudly holding their babies!

From the left: Michael with Evie, Jeff with Katelyn, and Jeff with Cade.

Jesse, with Fletcher.

Nick, with Max.

Little baby Simbas (and Nalas).

Evelyn participated begrudgingly.

…and of course, the mommies, who brought these beauties into the world.

We took turns with each other’s babies …

Evie was so comfy with Lindsay that she fell asleep sitting up!

The two girlies, in polka dots.

Curious about Fletcher.

Happy baby, happy mama.

Crystal + Cade

Nick + Max

Such a caring big brother.

The proper miss Katelyn.


The mommies! (minus Judy)

Smiles for her daddy.

So tired after having fun with baby friends.

(Jul 28, 2012)