star of the show.

Grandma, Papa & Aunt Emily came to visit, and as usual, Evelyn was the star of the show.

Hanging out with Papa in her jammies. She really bonded with him during this visit. She looks so cozy in his arms.

Another playtime session turned naptime session.

Somebody stole her for a coveted chest nap.

Pretty in pink … another beautiful hand-me-down from Cousin Briahna.

Evie loves hanging out with Aunt Emily.

Aunt Em will always be there for Evie … to discuss clothes, boys …

… and how awesome her mom is & how she loves to do everything she’s told.

I have a feeling there’s a special bond there.

Playing with her hair, one of her favorite activities.

Snuggle time with Papa. Beautiful.

Yup. That’s my daughter all right.

Upon recommendation from Laurel, we went over to Smith Gardens, a hidden little park in our town. You can easily miss it & pass the small wrought iron gated entrance.

Past the gate, down a paved pathway lined with beautiful bushes, you turn a corner and see this:

(and that doesn’t nearly do it justice.)

Evelyn and her proud Grandma.

The grass was incredibly soft, which was astounding after the lack of rain we’ve had (I wonder how many hours a day they run their sprinklers …). This was Evie’s first time sitting in the grass and she didn’t seem to mind at all.

Our little big girl!

Checking out all of the beautiful colors.

What is this floor?

Inquisitive eyebrows.

She’s had this concentrated look down since the morning she was born.

I think she likes it.

Tummy time on the turf! She didn’t even mind it.

Grandma & Papa doting on their favorite grandchild.

I love this shot.


Evelyn showing off her awesome chub.

(Jul 15, 2012)


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