iphone download, July 13-22

Jul 13 – Pretty in pink.

Falling asleep all over the place.

Hanging out with mommy.


Jul 14 – Being burped by mama.

Whoa, mama. Hawt.

Chillaxin’ while Mommy picks out an outfit from her bountiful wardrobe.

We hang out a lot.

You could say she’s my favorite little person.

Putting the little one to bed.

Practicing her archery form.

Middle of the night self portrait.

Jul 16 – After work mama snuggles.

I finally got some photos up on our walls…

… after moving in in September 2010, it was about time.

This is one of my favorite wedding photos.

Our little one-armed bandit … she turned 180 degrees from where I had initially laid her down at the beginning of the night.

Crazy storm rolling in right before I start my 1-hr commute home.

The clouds were quite visibly rotating in several spots. I had never seen anything like it.

Jul 18 – First night in a sleep sack.

Jul 19 – In the morning, hanging out with Daddy.

Jul 20 – Tired girls after a long week.

Jul 21 – Bumbo girl lovin’ life.

LOVE the cheeks.

Jul 22 – Wiped out after a trip to the park with Grandma.


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