grandma week #2

Evie’s week with one grandma ends … and heads right into another grandma week! What a lucky girl.

Grandma & Grandpa Barto came down on early Saturday morning. Evie put on her hairbow & mary jane socks and we headed to the 2nd Street Market.

On Sunday, Evie put on her beautiful dress that Grandma made especially for her! It is such a classic little girl’s dress.

Looking like a proper princess.

During the week, Grandma took some pictures of Evie doing her thing.

Catching up with the toucan.

About 90% of her naps at home start on this play mat. No joke.

Mr. Piano Turtle must have told a prrretty funny joke.

And I don’t want to know what he said here; Evelyn is giving him the evil eye.

Thank you, Grandma Barto, for coming down! We enjoyed having you here and I think Evelyn would agree! We know there are a few cute kids in Wisconsin who would be sad if you weren’t there watching them during the week, but know that you are always welcome to come see us anytime.

(Jul 21-27, 2012)


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