phone dump, Aug 1-7

naptime with general tso and mr. toucan. (mr. toucan likes to sleep with his eyes open, which creeps me out.)

side sleeper on the video monitor

her feet, always in motion

… until she sleeps.

Evelyn, being a little feisty & subtly communicating her feelings.

storytime in her room

(very effective)

hey, that’s not Ohio.

It’s Squaw Peak, near Phoenix, Arizona.

Michael was in the area on business.

He ran/hiked up this peak.




While at home …

… cuteness was happening.

This was taken on the video monitor around 4:30am one day. She had woken up around 3:45 & I fed her. She was still wide awake and I … was not. So, I put her in her crib to see what would happen. She played with her hands, and fell asleep.

I know. I realize we are lucky. We understand this, and marvel at it several times a day.

We don’t normally have the TV on while she is in the room, but it was a little more difficult with the Olympics on. Here she is catching up on the men’s swimming results.

One of her jungle animals must have just said something pretty astonishing.

happy baby.

Deep in concentration.

Snuggling with Ghostie, a cherished childhood toy of her daddy’s.

weekend coffee indulgence

Trying out the new neighborhood frozen yogurt place. Evie seems to approve.

Walking home with Mommy. She was stunned when a firetruck went by … she was not used to those sounds and lights.

More Olympics with Daddy.

(She got her first cold during her first week at daycare.)

Bedtime snuggles with Mommy (my favorite part of the day).

Goodnight Snack! (her monkey)

Goodnight Evie.


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