phone dump, Aug 8-18

Pictures of pictures of Evie having fun at daycare

Our own private seating secret near a nearby concert venue

a secret we share only with Lindsay, Jeff & their daughter Katelyn

the daddies & their daughters

Bright ‘n early, ready to go to “school”

Taken by Michael, during a run on the west side of Oakwood … a mommy deer …

… and her fawn.

Mommy was just as excited (or moreso) about this addition to the living room.

Too tired, even for a diaper change.

Me, giving her a bottle for the first time. The last two times I tried, a month or two ago, were  failures. Now, with daycare, Evelyn has become a pro with the bottle.

Bathtime in her washpod.

She preferred to stand up, which didn’t leave Mommy many hands to clean Evie.

All fresh & clean, braving the mosquitoes & going for a neighborhood walk.

Another morning, all ready for school.

Saying goodbye to her bunny.

… and about 15 hours later, ready for bed.

Evie wanted to be a part of the action during dinnertime, so I let her sit on my lap while I ate. She immediately planted her hand in my baked potato, so I gave her something else to play with.

What happens when I arrive to a party later than Evie & Daddy…

Cozy nap in Mommy & Daddy’s bed.


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