Evelyn: 4 Months Old.

Age 4 months

Weight 16 pounds 2 ounces

Length 27 inches … off the charts:

Clothing size 6 mo

Hair so wispy! It’s difficult to keep a bow in it anymore. There is actually new hair coming in, aaaaaand – it’s blonde! Baby girl, I thought you were going to have dark hair like me!

Teeth none yet, but she has something in her mouth (usually her fingers) 90% of the time … so she may be teething.

Sleeping still unpredictable, but not bad. She still goes down between 8:00 and 9:00 and sleeps until at least 4:00. Sometimes she wakes in the middle of the night, but sucks on her fingers to soothe herself. I know it may be difficult to break her of her finger-sucking habit someday, but right now – we’re loving it. If she does wake up in the middle of the night, she will usually make noises / “sing” until she falls asleep.

Eating …. she’s pretty good at this. At home, she nurses every 3-4 hours during the day. At daycare, she takes 5 ounces now (instead of 4) every 3-4 hours. We haven’t started purees yet; we plan to do that around the 6 month mark.

Movement She is starting to scoot around and become more mobile. This month, she became proficient at rolling from her tummy to back. Combining that with her back-to-tummy skills, she can roll herself pretty efficiently where she wants. In her crib, as she starts to wake up, she inches forward on her tummy, sticking her toosh in the air and pushing herself forward. By the time she fully wakes up, she has moved herself completely to one side of the crib and sometimes bonks her head on the rails.

Milestones She discovered toes. Tries to hold her bottle at daycare. First time in the pool (like it, except when we dunked her!). Watched first Notre Dame football game. Paid attention to Rilo for the first time (very curious … and she makes her laugh). Daddy had his first business trips since her birth (really, a milestone for me). Watched first Packer football game. Learned how to blow raspberries & loves to do it. Grasps toys & reliably holds onto them. Recognizes her name (Evelyn or Evie).

Favorite toys/activities Blue jingle bell rattle, rainforest jumperoo, Snack the monkey, Mr. Piano Turtle, her dolly. When we hand her the monkey or her dolly, she reaches out both arms and pulls the toy toward her in a big hug. It’s really cute. She likes to grip her blue rattle and bang it against other things, especially when she’s in her Bumbo. In general, her favorite activity is just feeling things. Her hands are always exploring the textures around her. If you’re holding her on the couch, she will be scratching the arm rest or throw pillow. If you’re holding her, she will be grasping your shirt. She’s very curious about touch. She also likes to observe. If I’m holding her, she won’t look me in the eye. She’ll avoid my face (she already knows what that looks like) and look at anything else in the room, especially if it’s something new.

Likes Apparently she and her friend at daycare, Emerson, get along very well. He is a bit older than her, and he’ll come up to her while she’s playing, and Evie will laugh. Evie follows him around the room with her eyes and likes to hang out with him. In the car, she likes to pull on Zink (the pink zebra) that hangs from her car seat. At home, she likes to snuggle with Daddy after naps. Evelyn also likes to hang out with her Aunt Emily because she makes her laugh with funny noises & tickling. We’ve found that she really enjoys playing by herself, especially on her rainforest playmat. If she’s constantly being stimulated by people, she gets cranky. She likes her quiet, solo playtime … and when she’s able to do that, she tends to fall asleep when she gets tired instead of just getting cranky. She likes being outside; if she does get cranky, it’s a sure-fire way to calm and relax her.

Dislikes She doesn’t like diaper changes right after she wakes up. She doesn’t like getting her outfit changed when she’s very tired, or right after waking up (and before eating). Being in her car seat when the car is not moving. Also, she doesn’t like when you take your time getting her out of the car seat. Once she knows she’s getting out, she wants to get out. NOW. She starts to arch her back and try to get out herself. In general, she doesn’t have a lot of dislikes. Every once in a while, she’ll catch us off-guard with some crankiness, but it’s usually solvable by putting her on our shoulder, patting her back and/or singing (or feeding her, of course … that’s the highest trump card).

Words & sounds Not as vocal as last month, but still very vocal. She hasn’t been as vocal just because she has really discovered her hands and it’s more important to have those in her mouth now. When she makes noises with her hands in her mouth, it sounds like she’s making consonant sounds and “babbling.” Her new favorite thing has been raspberries. When she discovered that skill, it was all she did for 2 days straight. Now she incorporates it into her normal sounds … so she will squeal, blow raspberries, make throaty sounds, then stick her fingers in her mouth and “talk” around those. When she starts to get tired & we put her on our shoulder and pat her back, she’ll also hold out a tone and listen as the back patting breaks the sound. She does this a lot with Michael. She’ll also put her open mouth on our shoulder/trap and if we’re bouncing her a bit, she’ll hold a tone to hear the breaks. It’s pretty funny. She did this in church during Katelyn’s baptism, ha. She got a lot of laughs, but got louder as time went on, so Michael had to leave with her for a bit.

What we love Pretty much everything. Cheesy, huh? She’s just a very easy baby. She doesn’t fuss a lot – only if she’s WAY off any semblance of a schedule. She puts herself to sleep usually. She eats very well. She doesn’t mind car rides anymore. She smiles at the drop of a hat and is very curious about the world around her.

What we don’t love n/a this month. …….I know. We can’t stop exclaiming to each other how lucky we are. I’ve decided to stop being bashful about it, or guilty because other parents may have it more difficult. I’m going to enjoy it, rejoice and be grateful!

What we’re looking forward to next month Well, seeing as how she’s over 5 months as I’m writing her 4 month update, I can see the future. It includes a bigger baby, a bit fussier baby and a stronger baby!

(photos taken Aug 26, 2012)


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