pre-bedtime smiles

… which, 21 days after this picture was taken, are a rare sight now.

(Oct 7, 2012)



These aren’t the best quality photos, but they capture some pretty cute moments between Evelyn & Rilo – and some cuddle time with Mrs. Crowe!

Darrell’s mom & dad visited Ohio, and we hung out with them for a gamewatch (ND vs. Miami). Darrell made an absoLUTEly amazing dinner of braised beef short ribs (a Pioneer Woman recipe, so you know it always has a great ending), and then we visited, watched football and drank some beer & cider.

Even though Evelyn looks quite indifferent in this picture, she loved hanging out with Mrs. Crowe.

… and also loved more encounters with her BFF Rilo.

Kisses for Evie.

Tired eyes, but clearly enjoying herself.

She loves to reach out and pet Rilo – sometimes with 2 hands.

When Rilo comes near, she is very calm & observant.

(Probably watching an intense play here.)

Sleepy, cuddly time. You can tell Mrs. Crowe is a pro at this.

… and then some happy awake time later on, changing into jammies with Daddy.


(Oct 6, 2012)

41 weeks in 42 seconds

I finally finished this.

The first picture was taken the morning we found out I was pregnant.

The last picture was taken while I was in labor, minutes before we went to the hospital.

… and just to mention how traveled Evelyn became over those 41 weeks:

Week 6 was taken right before I went to Las Vegas.

Week 13 was taken in Poland.

Week 18 was taken 1 day before I visited France.

Week 28 was taken right before I went to Las Vegas (again).

little girl amongst the gourds

It’s fall in the midwest, so of course we had to go to a pumpkin patch! Young’s Jersey Dairy was having a fall festival that weekend and it was packed. However, there were plenty of pumpkins & yummy food to go around. We bought some pumpkins, ate some cheeseburgers, and took some pumpkin donut holes & sweet potato bread home. mmmm … so good.

It was a gorgeous day. Just iconic fall.

It was a Saturday, so of course we were all wearing our Notre Dame gear.

Very enthused to be apart of our new little family tradition of taking pictures by pumpkins.

Wait? This is not the same as what I normally put in my mouth! Let me try harder …

Nope, still not working.

Hey, tonguey girl.

Gettin by with a little help from Daddy.

Oooh. New things to touch.

So many new textures!

Two fall girls, lovin’ life.

Interested in all of the kids running around.

A pumpkin of a different color.


(Oct 6, 2012)

snapshots, sep 10-25

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packer time! – making cookies for Maggie in Afghanistan – time with Grandma & Papa – first finger painting – first project (that mommy did) for school – anniversary date night for Michael and I – dragon fruit

awolnation concert with adam & erika – peeking in on our sleeping girl at the concert – ND game – the crowd showing off their leis for Manti Te’o – playing at the park

Bobbi babysits! – hanging out with Katelyn – outside on the stoop with Mommy after work – playing with Sahra – Michael being matchy-matchy – mirror time with Mommy