to treasure for generations

It’s been a few weeks! We have been busy. Even though half of these photos aren’t edited, I’m just throwing this post up there because it’s been so long & the pictures are pretty awesome by themselves.

When my parents were here about a month ago, in mid-September, we went to Wegerzyn Gardens. It’s another one of the amazing parks here in Dayton, part of Five Rivers Metroparks.

This is a really unique sculpture at the park:

It was huge – and like a maze. I could see where it would be a lot of fun for smaller kids (but bigger than Evie 🙂 ).

The best shot I got of the bumblebees. They were quicker than me.

Grandma & little Evelyn.

My beautiful sister.

Grandma & her girl.

There were too many great shots; I couldn’t choose.

They’re pretty good friends.

Evelyn with her Papa & Grandma.

I will note that Evie was at the end of her rope … she was due for a nap.

In every picture where she’s smiling, she’s only smiling because Michael is doing some crazy ridiculous jumping off to the side to make her laugh.

Grandma & Papa thought it was fun too.

(( love this one ))

Introspective moment for Evie-girl.

Center of our world.

us 🙂

kisses for my baby girl

and a hug for me. 🙂

me & my hot husband

all of the girls!

Evie, I think that is a bit big for you.

I think the pictures taken that day will be treasured for generations!

(Sep 16, 2012)



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