These aren’t the best quality photos, but they capture some pretty cute moments between Evelyn & Rilo – and some cuddle time with Mrs. Crowe!

Darrell’s mom & dad visited Ohio, and we hung out with them for a gamewatch (ND vs. Miami). Darrell made an absoLUTEly amazing dinner of braised beef short ribs (a Pioneer Woman recipe, so you know it always has a great ending), and then we visited, watched football and drank some beer & cider.

Even though Evelyn looks quite indifferent in this picture, she loved hanging out with Mrs. Crowe.

… and also loved more encounters with her BFF Rilo.

Kisses for Evie.

Tired eyes, but clearly enjoying herself.

She loves to reach out and pet Rilo – sometimes with 2 hands.

When Rilo comes near, she is very calm & observant.

(Probably watching an intense play here.)

Sleepy, cuddly time. You can tell Mrs. Crowe is a pro at this.

… and then some happy awake time later on, changing into jammies with Daddy.


(Oct 6, 2012)


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