nc to see c+c

We drove to North Carolina in October to visit my brother & his girlfriend in their new town of Charlotte. It was an awesome weekend, full of quality time, catch-up and absolutely delicious food. Our culinary experience that weekend included homemade pad thai, an entire dish of peanut butter cookie dough brownie something-or-others, homemade breakfast sandwiches, the discovery of Zaxby’s, bagel dip, BBQ at a blues festival, and an awesome breakfast cafe on Sunday.

But moving beyond the food … it was so relaxing to hang out with Chris & Carley in their new home. Chris used to live in Dayton with us, since he graduated college … so we were used to having him around all of the time. I definitely took it for granted. Even though I am so happy for him & proud of him for getting such an amazing job, I sorely miss him!

On Saturday before the Notre Dame game, Chris & Carley took us to a nearby lake and we walked around it. It was the perfect day … bright blue sky, slightly warm air, bright sun. Evelyn loves to be outside anytime, but today, it truly was a treat.

Checking out the water.

Evie & her Uncle Chris 🙂

Michael, Evie, Chris & Carley.

Cutest couple ever.

Cutest dad + baby ever.

Chris being his awesome self.

Settling in for naptime.

nom nom nom

Our little family of three!

Like I said … cutest couple ever.   … Am I right?

… and this is when we found a completely unopened can of Bud Light. He almost drank it … but it was too early in the morning.

the gang 🙂

C+C + Evie

Happy baby.

Standing up (with help) like a big girl.

(Love Evelyn’s face here … “whoooa!”)

Later on that day … gametime! This is a great picture of Michael and Evelyn.

She debuted her newest piece to her ND collection that day. It’s a gorgeous handmade dress by Laura, who has a shop on Etsy: Handmade by Lolo Z.  I highly, highly recommend her work. The dress was even more beautiful in person than the picture on Etsy. The dress is also awesome because it’s a knot dress – so the straps can be adjusted to grow with Evie.

Our little football girl.


Laughing at Uncle Chris. Who wouldn’t?

She loves her Uncle Chris & Aunt Carley.

Daddy kisses

Love, love, love.

… and, we’ll end with this face. You know this face, ND fans. It’s face you make 80% of the duration of our games. Lately, it ends in relief, but not without some pain. (9-0, GO IRISH BEAT BC!)

(Oct 13, 2012)


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