evelyn’s first food

Sweet potatoes! …bought from the farmer’s market & baked …

… mashed …

… and mixed with breastmilk.

… and here we go.

(some of the first photos aren’t in focus, but I wanted to show her first bite!)

She knew just what to do! Open up and the spoon goes in.

Seemingly a pro.

Then … wait.

…what is this?

… what now?

She mainly wanted to feel the food with her tongue, instead of swallow it.

(and BOOM, I fix my white balance.)

Again: open up, food goes in …

… still can’t figure out what happens next.

She was great about opening up her mouth, but she didn’t seem to like the texture of the spoon in her mouth.

(I “proved” it after the fact … a few days later, I spoon-fed her breastmilk. She still made horrible faces. So I really think it’s the spoon that took getting used to, not necessarily the sweet potatoes.)

She got a bit frustrated at this point and started to “sing” … her first warning signs of melting down.

She was still opening her mouth, though, so we kept giving potatoes to her.


ooooo. That look again. It cuts deep to the soul.

Open up

food in,

horrible face,

… maybe swallow a little bit.

You get the idea.

She did gag a couple of times; the next time we fed her, I thinned it out with more milk. It seemed to help, as long as it was still thick enough to stick to her tongue.


– and the final “I’m done” signal – fingers in mouth. Once she stopped opening up her mouth, we stopped offering.

I think it was a success! She let us feed her for 10 minutes. It’s gone better since the first time. She has had both sweet potatoes and bananas – and seems to like the bananas just a bit better.

Here’s a video chronicling the whole 10 minutes:


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