Evelyn: 6 Months Old.

Age 6 months

Weight 18 pounds 10 ounces

Length 27.75 inches

Clothing size 9 mo is starting to get tight … 12 mo clothes fit her better

Hair Longer & a bit fuller. Her new hair is blonde with a slight reddish tint in the sun.

Teeth None yet! No signs of teething, either. She isn’t like most of her baby friends, who drool & have something in their mouth at all times. Evie just doesn’t have that object-to-mouth urge yet. Her gums don’t seem swollen yet, either.

Sleeping We’ve learned this month how important it is to keep her on somewhat of a schedule. She takes 2-3 naps per day (depending on when she wakes in the morning). At night, we feed her downstairs around 6:30, play until about 7:15. Then one of us takes her upstairs to her room, puts on her jammies, reads her a book or two, and puts her down (after some singing, too … ). She’s starting to get better about knowing it’s time for sleep & soothing herself. Other times – not so much. The nights are very unpredictable. Sometimes she’ll sleep until 4:00 … other times, she’ll wake 2 or more times. We’re hoping once she eats more solids, she’ll sleep better at night. (Please?)

Eating We started solids! It took some practice, but she eventually realized that sticking her tongue out & wiggling it around wasn’t getting her anywhere. Once she realized that she liked the food, she got really good at it. She opens her mouth, leans forward and swoops down toward the spoon. When we try to clean up the excess around her mouth with the spoon, she tries to eat the spoon before we can clean up. It’s pretty funny to watch.

Movement Not crawling yet – and not really making much motion to do so. She gets around by rolling. I would say she prefers to sit on her toosh & have a better view of things. We’re trying to make more of a point of putting her on her tummy so she needs to try harder to get what she wants.

Milestones Says “dada.”  Reaches up when we say “up.” First solids. First Halloween (cutest koala ever). First school picture day. Laugh/coughs (it sounds like a fake laugh).Grins with her mouth closed (shows off her adorable chubby cheeks).   … cue grin:

Favorite toys/activities Wooden shape puzzle. Stacking blocks. Board books. Colored wooden shape-sorters. Sophie the giraffe. Snack the monkey. She likes to play in her jumper, but doesn’t really jump. She just gets really focused on moving the toys. Anytime she’s playing, it’s as if she has a lot of things to do on her to-do list, and she’s intently knocking off items on her list. Bang the blue square on the yellow triangle 10 times, check. Hit the lion 15 times, check. Turn Sophie left & right 20 times, check. Now back to the blue square…

Likes Interacting/playing with anyone! She is extremely social. When I pick her up from daycare, she gets excited & vocalizes. Then, as I walk about with her in my arms, she tries to catch other people’s eyes and starts “talking” to them even though they may not be looking at her. I (like to) think she’s saying, “Hey guys! Look! My mommy! She’s here! The one I was telling you about!”  She likes when Michael does anything goofy, and mostly when it involves jumping. That’ll get a great belly laugh. She likes Ms. Jennie & Ms. Bre at daycare. She also likes stroller rides. She doesn’t always fall asleep, but she’ll just go into a trance-like state. Ever since she was born, being outside has calmed her.

Dislikes Sleeping through the night, apparently. Getting in her car seat, as usual. Being stimulated when overtired. Interrupting her while she’s nursing.

Words & sounds She still “sings” herself to get ready for sleep … she vocalizes while we pat her back. She has started a (very) high pitched scream. She starts at the very top of her register, before it even makes a sound … then she brings it down into the moderately-high range, then right down into a … growl? I don’t know what to call it, really. Bottom line: she loves to hear her voice.

What we love She likes her solids! … that, and she’s just a very happy baby. We were especially proud parents when Ms. Bre said she’s the happiest baby they have in class 🙂

What we don’t love Not sleeping! I rarely get more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep. It’s really starting to wear on me. Michael helps out where I let him (he’s amazing), but I’m stubborn and usually handle the night feedings.

What we’re looking forward to next month … sleeping longer? and introducing more foods!

(photos taken Oct 21, 2012)


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