little fishy

Wooo! I just hit 200 posts. Crazy.

but I digress….. for some more cuteness.

We took a swim “class” for babies with Evelyn. It was a HIT. She loves water. She especially loves to splash in it.

Thanks to Marcy for capturing these photos!

When she would lean back on us on her back, her entire body would be relaxed, except for her legs. Her little pudgy sausages, they stuck straight out of the water. Hilarious.

Swimming near her BFF Katelyn. They both looked like pieces of fruit … Katelyn, a strawberry and Evelyn, a pineapple.


whoooo is that cutie

Showing off her cute new owl hat, courtesy of our neighbor & her Etsy shop! So, so adorable … and she custom-made it to fit Evie’s exact head size.

huge milestone for this little Irish girl

Wow, I’m way behind on posting pictures on the blog. While I love blogging, I can’t feel too bad about being behind because that time is instead being spent on wonderful things: mainly spending every second with Michael & Evelyn where possible! In the evenings, We typically get home around 5:30/6:00, feed Evelyn while we’re making dinner, give her some finger food while we’re eating, I nurse her, then it’s play time for a while. That goes by too fast and already it’s 7:00/7:30 – time to read a book or two and put her to bed. Afterward, my mental list of items I want to accomplish in the couple of hours before my bedtime is already too long.

So, when you don’t see posts, it’s a good thing! We’re making memories. Also, I’m going to keep the commentary brief on these next few posts, just to get caught up.

On November 3, some of our family joined us on Notre Dame’s campus to go to the ND/Pittsburgh game. It was Evelyn’s first time at a Notre Dame game, but Grandma, Evelyn and I actually didn’t go TO the game. We hung out in LaFortune (the student center) and stayed warm & cozy.

First, we went to brunch in Amish country. Evie took a nap in Grandpa’s arms to prepare for the big day.

Ericha, Michael’s parents’ former next door neighbor … but she’s part of the family. 

Andrew, Michael’s cousin & Godson.

Evie, Michael and the Dome.

The whole gang …

… and Darrell & Laurel! We’re so happy they came too. 

At the Grotto.

South Quad on gameday.

The Band of the Fighting Irish at Bond Hall … and a crazy band alumni.  ::rolls eyes::

“Hi everyone!”

Snuggling with Grandma.

The next day, sporting her new Packers spirit wear, from Grandpa & Grandma!


…and pure cuteness.