Evelyn: 7 Months Old.

Age 7 months

Weight probably just over 19 lb

Length not sure – no length measurement at the doctor until 9mo

Clothing size 9-12 mo

Hair same as last month, a bit longer & fuller. Still has a mind of its own & is all different lengths.

Teeth Still none. No outward signs of teething at 7 months, nor any swollen gums. I think she’d continue to drink breastmilk for the rest of her life if it were up to her, anyways. 🙂

Sleeping As far as naps, she doesn’t nap very well at daycare. She usually takes 3 short naps there, on average for 30-45 min each. I don’t think she sleeps well because of all the exciting things going on. When she’s at home during the day, she will normally take 3 really good naps: wake around 5:00, nap 7:00-9:30ish, 11:00-1:30ish, 3:30-5:00ish. She’s gotten much better at nighttime sleep. Last month, we had started to be very consistent in putting her down awake and letting her cry for defined periods of time. However, it was disrupted by her first ear infection in both ears. Once it was diagnosed & we started giving her pain relief, she slept better. Since the ear infection, she’s been sleeping consistently through the night, from 7:00/8:00 to 4:30/5:30. If she wakes in the middle of the night, it’s rare & normally when we’ve been traveling or she’s been off her schedule during the day.  When putting her down, she knows the routine. Sleeper/diaper, book, lights off, sing a few songs, back pats, put her down, cover her with a blanket. She normally fusses a bit, but it doesn’t last long & is usually because she’s just tired.

Eating This girl loves to eat. Her favorite solid foods are carrots & butternut squash. We aim to feed her 2x/day. She’s like a little robot in her highchair; when she’s swallowed one bite, her mouth immediately opens for the next. We sometimes give her manageable table food (that we’re normally eating). She hasn’t mastered the pincer grasp yet, so she normally palms the food, closes her fist & tries to stick her fist in her mouth. She’s on the right track, ha. She still nurses or takes a bottle of breastmilk (at daycare) every 3-4 hours during the day.

Movement Gets around by rolling/shimmying/something. I really don’t know how she does it, but she gets places. Especially in her crib: We’ll put her down with her feet near to touching the rails, and she’ll shimmy up, in her sleep, to the top, so that her head is touching the rails on the other side! No formal crawling yet, but she has started to launch forward while sitting, with one knee under her. She won’t go anywhere from there, until she’s collapsed on her belly on the ground (and then squirms to get what she wants). She seems to have a very strong back; Michael will hold her at the waist, and she’ll bend forward to pick something up (straight back) and come right back up. She also rocks back and forth when she’s excited or hears music.

Milestones First ND game on campus (not in the stadium yet). First finger food: mashed up sweet potatoes. First Thanksgiving. First ear infections. Starts solids at daycare (we send in homemade purees). Mimicking others’ laughing … Michael and I were in the car, laughing, and heard her then laughing in the back 🙂

Favorite toys/activities Her Melissa & Doug puzzle (with the big knobs), paper (any kind), her activity triangle, her “ipod” (we keep it in the car for desperate times), her baby doll rattle. If you’re holding her, she likes to play with anything around her … jewelry you’re wearing, anything hanging on the wall or sitting on the counter. She loves to laugh at people that pass by.

Likes Sitting on anyone’s lap (but especially mommy’s) and playing. Playing with a certain empty bottle of lotion we keep at the changing table. Opening/closing the wipe container. Making new friends with anyone. Exploring anyone’s face … especially sticking her finger up your nostril. Making high-pitched squeals. Swimming class… a lot. 🙂

Dislikes Still, having her arms put in sleeves. Having her nose wiped. When she knows she’s going to be fed (solids or nursing), she wants it immediately. She fusses when we are getting her bib, high chair & food ready, or I’m getting ready to nurse. (Patience, my dear girl.) Being put in her car seat.

Words & sounds Lots of “dadadada” and the first sounds that sound like “mmmmpfh.” We’re emphasizing “mama” and hoping that comes soon 🙂 In general, she likes to hear her voice. Lots of roaring, squealing & letting her voice just wander.

What we love Her happy personality! She’s generally very smiley & laughs a lot. Watching her learn everyday. She really observes and seems to pick something up everyday.

What we don’t love Ear infections.

(photos taken Nov 21, 2012)


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