Evelyn: 8 Months Old.

Age 8 months

Weight 19lb 14oz

Length not sure – no length measurement at the doctor until 9mo

Clothing size 12 mo

Hair Longer & a bit crazier. It doesn’t stick up as much because it’s longer, but it’s still all different lengths. The hair in the front either hangs to different points on her forehead, or, when I brush it, looks like a really bad comb-over. She so young, though, and I’m not about to cut her hair yet … it’s still cute to me.

Teeth None! Showing possible signs of teething. She shrugs her shoulders a lot (especially when irritated or tired) and really likes gumming the nozzle on her sippy. Other than her sippy, she rarely puts anything in her mouth (other than food; that’s a different story).

Sleeping Still naps well at home in her own bed, but not extremely well at daycare. She now (can I say it out loud?) sleeps consistently through the night, from 7:00/8:00 to 4:30/5:30. This month, we have noticed a connection between the amount of solids she eats during the day & whether she wakes up in the middle of the night. Now, we are trying to make sure she eats solids 3x/day (2x at daycare). When we put her down to sleep (awake), she’ll usually reach for her doll or monkey (her crib friends) and sometimes fall asleep with her arm outstretched. Evie prefers to sleep on her tummy, and we cover her with a light blanket & turn on the humidifier (it’s dry in the winter) as well as the static noise machine. She also likes to stretch her arm out, put her thumb on the matress, and stretch her fingers out in the air. In the morning, she’ll wake up and then play in her crib until we come to get her.

Eating What can I say, she loves to eat, whether it’s solids or breastmilk. In the rotation of solids: homemade broccoli, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, pears, bananas, cauliflower. Everything has been ridiculously easy to make & requires tools most people already have in their kitchen. For instance, if we’re eating steamed carrots for dinner, I’ll leave a bunch of carrots to steam longer while we eat. After dinner, I’ll add some of the steaming water to the carrots & stick the immersion blender in there to puree it. I put the puree in ice cube trays and/or Oxo Baby Blocks. I like to combine the different foods for interesting flavors … broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, blueberries/pears/apples (which she loves), bananas/broccoli (actually very good), sweet potatoes/apples. Right now we’re the only family to send in homemade solids to daycare, but I’ve heard that other parents have been inspired and may be doing it soon too! We’re really lucky to have a daycare that is so flexible & open-minded. They didn’t even bat an eye when I brought it up. As far as nursing, she nurses (or takes a bottle of breastmilk at daycare) every 4-5 hours, and I’m continuing to pump at work 2-3x during the day.

Movement Not crawling yet, but still launching herself forward from a sitting position to get on her hands and knees. She’ll rock back a few times and then reach what she’s wanting by flopping on her belly and squirming.

Milestones Waved for the first time, in church. She practices waving with one arm while nursing.  First time at the beach. First time being babysat by a stranger (!). We went to Florida for a wedding & had to get a referred babysitter from the concierge for the night of the wedding. Annnnd… first Christmas!

Favorite toys/activities Loves her puzzles, activity triangle &blue rattle. She has taken a specific interest in books lately. She’ll get excited and point at certain pictures, or take the book and turn it over & over. She likes to be held by someone who’s walking around, or have someone stand her up (anywhere). She acts very happy with herself when she’s in a standing position, especially if she’s looking in a mirror. She likes her sippy cup and understands now how to get the water out (without the no-spill plug) & is beginning to learn how to regulate the flow of water. Speaking of water, she also enjoys splashing in the tub. When she’s lying on her back in the water & her ears are covered with water, I’ve also noticed she is more vocal … probably to hear her own voice under the water – which I think is cute. She also really likes to observe people (she has from the beginning). At Christmas, being surrounded by so much family, she did well staying relaxed and just taking everything in.

Likes Daddy’s monkey noises. Waving … and at the right times, too! We will say “night night” and she waves … “hi!” and she waves. Sometimes we have to wave first to get her to do it, but when she does it, it’s the cutest thing. She also likes when me or Michael “eat” her bare belly … we get huge belly laughs. She and I also play a game … when she’s facing me & at my head level, she’ll lean forward and put my nose in her mouth – I’ll lean back and say, “Don’t eat my nose!!” … and then she’ll lean forward and repeat 🙂

Dislikes Still very clingy, especially to mommy… and especially when no one is holding her and I’m in sight.

Words & sounds “dadada” “bababa” and lots of expressive babbling. She also “roars”…we’ll go back & forth with her, roaring. It’s really cute. She’s great at mimicking us.

What we love She is easy going, even in the midst of lots of chaos. One specific thing: I like, when I’m putting her down to bed or for a nap, I’ll turn off her light while holding her… and she’ll immediately put her head on my shoulder.

What we don’t love That she goes to bed only 2 hours after we all get home from work (at the most)!

What we’re looking forward to next month Maybe saying more words … like mama? 🙂

(photos taken Dec 31, 2012)


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