sun & surf & smiles

Evelyn was apprehensive of the ocean water, to say the least.

She gripped onto her Daddy & skeptically eyed the water.

However, with him safely nearby, she became much more comfortable at the shoreline.

Eventually, she was sitting in the water, on a mission to touch all of the sand in her reach, and quite unaffected by the gentle waves.

Later that evening, before ice cream & pizza (in that order, of course), a little walk to the park next to our condo.

I love her little set jaw.

Wet hair, no makeup, sundress, flip flops … I love the beach life.

Sunset & my babes.

I think she’s a fan of this place. (Me too.)

Our last morning … relaxing on the porch … looking out at the gulf … eating delicious bagel sandwiches & drinking coffee from the Tuckaway Bagel & Wafel Cafe (yum).

… and enjoying our cherub.

Crusty nose & all.

Little did we know, this little one had an ear infection … in BOTH of her ears. (We didn’t find this out until the next day, in Dayton, at the doctor’s office.)

Obviously, because she was just SO cranky.

(…and she’s played with her ears ever since she was born.)

What a perfect period of respite. Lauren, thank you for hooking us up with the awesome condo… it was secluded & so relaxing. Exactly what this little family needed. We just may be using it again in the future!

(Dec 4, 2012)



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