february snapshots

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neighborhood watch committee

…Evie is an active member.

But this time, she was distracted. I put her headband on her, and so she had to take care of business,

and take the headband off.

She is no longer a passive observer

in her own fashion experience.

I better savor these moments

…while she doesn’t know how to take her pants off.

(photos taken Feb 10, 2013)

Evelyn: 9 Months Old.

Age 9 months

Weight 20lb 2oz

Length 28.75″

Clothing size 12 mo

Hair Crazy. Always sticking up. I try to brush it down with a wet brush, but then I need to put her hat on to go out & it ends up looking crazier than before. Her bangs are in her eyes if not brushed out of the way … thinking she should get her first hair cut soon!

Teeth Nada!

Sleeping Sleeping OK at night, but not very well at daycare. I think it’s because they’re not able to anticipate her tiredness early enough, just because it can be busy, and also because other kids are awake while she naps. She doesn’t want to miss anything. When she sleeps at home, we have a set routine & it’s very dark and quiet in her room … I think that’s the biggest reason she’s not sleeping well at school.

Eating She loves to eat. She prefers purees (she takes 4 oz down in just a few minutes), but is not sure about table food. She hasn’t yet mastered the pincer grasp, so I think it’s frustrating to her. At mealtime, we start her with table food so she’s good & hungry to eat it … then after a while, if she hasn’t had much, we’ll finish with a puree. Sometimes we’ll give her fruit (banana or frozen mango) for dessert in her food feeder (link). She loves that thing! It’s usually something delicious and she’s able to feed it to herself … so this makes Miss Independent very happy ….while her parents eat their dinner. Some new foods she’s had this month: avocado (not a fan), scrambled eggs (same), frozen mango, chicken (with sweet potatoes and apples).

Movement Not crawling yet, but she gets around… it’s mostly an army crawl movement. No walking or cruising – but she REALLY likes to stand (with help). She looks so proud when she’s standing 🙂

Milestones First New Year’s Day. Clapped for the first time! She holds her left hand still & hits it with her right. She can now drink from her sippy consistently. She has to suck to get the water, so it took her a while to figure it out. First tantrums (yes, this early).

Favorite toys/activities Books. She intently looks at the pictures when she’s by herself or we’re reading to her. She also loves to turn the pages. She especially likes the picture of the tiger in her big 100 words book.

Likes Nursing. Hanging out in bed with us on the weekends after being fed. Figuring out other people/babies. When a baby was crying at daycare, she leaned to him & put her hand on his back, and then looked up at me & made sounds to get my attention. She likes her sippy cup, laughing with others (she’ll initiate a laugh to get it going), inspecting the backs & bottoms of things, watching mommy get ready, having her hair brushed.

Dislikes Not getting enough sleep at naptime (we don’t like this either). Having her face washed.

Words & sounds She’s starting to make more varied consonant/vowel sounds – interspersing her “ba’s” and “da’s.” No mama yet!

What we love I love how she plays with my hair before I put her down to sleep. We love how focused she gets when playing with her toys & how social she is.

What we don’t love Poor naps during the week make for cranky dinner times & early bedtimes.

(this is her singing .. we love that.)

What we’re looking forward to next month ….”mama”??

(photos taken Jan 21, 2013)

no longer quite the party on top

It’s still business in the back & a pretty solid party on top.

However, the party used to be out of control …

…before Evie got her first hair cut.

In hopes that this is the start of something new

Mama & Evie had back-to-back salon appointments.

Randi worked her magic on both of us

and even though Evie seemed a bit suspicious at times

she was quite the natural.

(photos taken Feb 8, 2013)