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evie’s first trip to the zoo

My parents came down right before Evie’s birthday and we all went to the zoo.

All of the tulips were out and it was gorgeous.

Michael with a little monkey on his shoulders.

Looking at the white tiger

and a little uneasy next to the siberian tiger. Only a piece of glass between them!

Waving “hi” to the gorilla …

… and the gorilla, slightly acknowledging us.


Evie loved getting pushed in the stroller.

A little owl, Gizmo, that we got to meet.

Silly girl wanted to cuddle with a bag of chips.

Happy girl 🙂

When she saw the lion, she growled.

She likes lions. We’ve called her our little Eve-lion ever since she was born.

Evie, me & Papa

Evie & her grandparents 🙂

Chimp & his mama.

We had such a wonderful day. Evie clearly enjoyed the zoo. We will definitely be going back frequently!

(Photos taken Apr 20, 2013)



our family in the fall

Kelly of Daphne Photo Studio took some absolutely gorgeous photos for us, again in November, when Evelyn was 7 months old. She took photos when Evelyn was about 3 months, as well. I love how Kelly captures all of Evie’s varied expressions! Kelly, you do such gorgeous work… I look forward to more sessions with you in the future!

CHECK. OUT. this hair craziness. Every strand on her head is seriously a drastically different length than the other.

(This one cracks me up.)

… and this one too. Silly Mommy & Daddy.



(Nov 17, 2012)

fall in the front yard

We used to have a big, beautiful tree out front. It was between the street & the sidewalk and was at least 40 years old (our neighbors have been here for 40 years).

However, we noticed a good part of the trunk was hollow, so we called the city to inspect it, hoping it was OK. Unfortunately, they had to cut it down. I know it was the right thing to do (so no one got hurt), but it was still a very sad day when they cut it down.

After they cut it down, I took these pictures of Evelyn sitting in the leaves. It’ll be a while before we have leaves like this in the front yard again.


Arm rolls. I love them.

So focused on the leaves.

The Look. She is one intense little girl.

(Yes, yes, I know, Mom – She IS my daughter 🙂 )

nc to see c+c

We drove to North Carolina in October to visit my brother & his girlfriend in their new town of Charlotte. It was an awesome weekend, full of quality time, catch-up and absolutely delicious food. Our culinary experience that weekend included homemade pad thai, an entire dish of peanut butter cookie dough brownie something-or-others, homemade breakfast sandwiches, the discovery of Zaxby’s, bagel dip, BBQ at a blues festival, and an awesome breakfast cafe on Sunday.

But moving beyond the food … it was so relaxing to hang out with Chris & Carley in their new home. Chris used to live in Dayton with us, since he graduated college … so we were used to having him around all of the time. I definitely took it for granted. Even though I am so happy for him & proud of him for getting such an amazing job, I sorely miss him!

On Saturday before the Notre Dame game, Chris & Carley took us to a nearby lake and we walked around it. It was the perfect day … bright blue sky, slightly warm air, bright sun. Evelyn loves to be outside anytime, but today, it truly was a treat.

Checking out the water.

Evie & her Uncle Chris 🙂

Michael, Evie, Chris & Carley.

Cutest couple ever.

Cutest dad + baby ever.

Chris being his awesome self.

Settling in for naptime.

nom nom nom

Our little family of three!

Like I said … cutest couple ever.   … Am I right?

… and this is when we found a completely unopened can of Bud Light. He almost drank it … but it was too early in the morning.

the gang 🙂

C+C + Evie

Happy baby.

Standing up (with help) like a big girl.

(Love Evelyn’s face here … “whoooa!”)

Later on that day … gametime! This is a great picture of Michael and Evelyn.

She debuted her newest piece to her ND collection that day. It’s a gorgeous handmade dress by Laura, who has a shop on Etsy: Handmade by Lolo Z.  I highly, highly recommend her work. The dress was even more beautiful in person than the picture on Etsy. The dress is also awesome because it’s a knot dress – so the straps can be adjusted to grow with Evie.

Our little football girl.


Laughing at Uncle Chris. Who wouldn’t?

She loves her Uncle Chris & Aunt Carley.

Daddy kisses

Love, love, love.

… and, we’ll end with this face. You know this face, ND fans. It’s face you make 80% of the duration of our games. Lately, it ends in relief, but not without some pain. (9-0, GO IRISH BEAT BC!)

(Oct 13, 2012)

little girl amongst the gourds

It’s fall in the midwest, so of course we had to go to a pumpkin patch! Young’s Jersey Dairy was having a fall festival that weekend and it was packed. However, there were plenty of pumpkins & yummy food to go around. We bought some pumpkins, ate some cheeseburgers, and took some pumpkin donut holes & sweet potato bread home. mmmm … so good.

It was a gorgeous day. Just iconic fall.

It was a Saturday, so of course we were all wearing our Notre Dame gear.

Very enthused to be apart of our new little family tradition of taking pictures by pumpkins.

Wait? This is not the same as what I normally put in my mouth! Let me try harder …

Nope, still not working.

Hey, tonguey girl.

Gettin by with a little help from Daddy.

Oooh. New things to touch.

So many new textures!

Two fall girls, lovin’ life.

Interested in all of the kids running around.

A pumpkin of a different color.


(Oct 6, 2012)