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some puerto rican color to brighten your day

All of the beautiful photos in this post were taken by our friends, Nathan & Suz.

We stayed with them when we went to Puerto Rico.

They were responsible for finding the awesome condo that we shared.

Nathan & Suz really captured the vibrant color of the island.

(including our very pale baby.)

I can’t get enough of her BELLY.

– and Nathan & Suz’s daughter. She definitely has her Mommy’s good looks ๐Ÿ™‚

At Andrew & Nery’s wedding!

Nery walking down the aisle.


– and I think there was some more pure happy over there too.

The next day – more color – outside Castillo San Cristobal. This was just about 2 blocks from our condo… it took you about 8 minutes to walk to this point.

That night, going out for dinner with my little koala.

Hangin’ out, wearin’ babies.

Thanks, Nathan and Suz, for such a fun vacation!!

(photos taken Feb 21-26, 2013)

relaxing in the puerto rican sun

In February, we had the opportunity to go to Puerto Rico.

It was a wonderful, relaxing long weekend. (Trust me, she thought so too.)

We stayed in a condo in the heart of Old San Juan

with a beautiful enclosed patio all to ourselves.

The weather was wonderfully monotonous … 82 & sunny every day.

We stayed in the condo with our close friends & their little girl.

Evie & her friend liked to sit on their blanket & catch the sun rays from the patio while reading.

Having a lively discussion about their recent storytime … Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.

Beautiful babes.

(Did you know, the world ends every time Evie has her face washed? It’s true.)

Back to the book discussion.

Out to explore.

Look who we ran into!

We had invited Evie’s grandparents on the trip with us! We are so glad they could join us.

Beautiful morning in San Juan.

Our friends & our babies.

Peering east out of a WWII lookout.

She had just woken up for a nap … in time to get a cool breeze.

She loved it.

Peeking up at Grandpa.

Hanging out with Daddy.

I love that face.

Happy people in the sun ๐Ÿ™‚

Our little belle in her sun hat.

Chowing down at lunch.

On our hike to a waterfall in El Yunque rainforest.

Our little koala bear.

In front of the waterfall.

Interested in the waterfall.

Even though the water was freezing cold

… she LOVED it.

She wanted to get as close to the water as possible

and didn’t even mind sitting in it.

As long as she could splash her little heart out, she was happy!

Drying off.

Family of 3.

Then Michael and I went on an adventure. Did I mention it was cold?

Me & my love ๐Ÿ™‚

Then Michael and his dad went in the waterfall too.

Tired baby girl.

On the path back.

Evie’s grandparents … so happy they were able to come with us!

I spy … a sleeping baby.

Kitty in the middle of the road.


(even more beautiful.)

The girl loves dogs.

Daddy hugs.

Her hair. Her smile. I can’t take it.

Our precious girl.

A stroll at sunset on our last night in Puerto Rico.

… and a garbage truck breaking the laws of physics whileย barrelingย down the narrow streets, 2 tires on the sidewalk.

Another cat.

Making sounds at the birds.

Me & my girlie hanging out near a fountain in downtown Old San Juan.

I wonder at her wonder.

Waving & smiles … my heart melts.

It’s getting late … and she’s still bright eyed and alert for all of the beautiful sights.

(she thought it was a real person. I don’t blame her)

We had an amazing, amazing time in Puerto Rico. We had a lot of fun spending time with our friends and we were so blessed that Michael’s parents could make the trip as well. More pictures from our friends to follow … they captured this colorful city so perfectly.

(photos taken Feb 21-26, 2013)

first christmas with grandma & papa

We drove straight from Milwaukee to Toledo a few days after Christmas to see my parents. The next morning, Evie awoke to a very special gift from her Grandma and Papa. This rocking plane was mine when I was little, and my parents had it refinished. It’s absolutely beautiful & I can’t wait until Evie can have some real fun with it.

She also loved this rocking chair, which was also mine …it’s the perfect size! This will stay at Grandma & Papa’s and be her special chair.

Relaxing with Papa.

Rosie was very curious about this little person in the house.

It was also a white Christmas there in Toledo.

Sitting pretty with Grandma ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas memories, Mom & Dad! You made this a very special first Christmas for Evie.

a white christmas in wisconsin

OK, so I’m hoping I can catch up a bit here!

We went to Wisconsin for Christmas to spend time with Michael’s family. I have a lot of photos, and while they aren’t the best quality, I still had a difficult time narrowing down which ones to post! So, I posted a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ They really capture the energy and love of the Christmas season, surrounded by family.

Michael & his brother Jeremy with their children … Evelyn was having fun with Lucas!

Evie eating Daddy’s nose. This is a game we play … where she eats our nose ๐Ÿ™‚

Barto siblings & their first borns!

The Florida – now Virginia – Bartos.

Our little Polish gymnast with Daddy.

Playing with her cousin Owen … decompressing after an action-packed cousin pro photo shoot that morning.

(Who needs pants anyways?)

Jackson, hard at work.

She loves her Aunt Tina.

… and Owen thinks she’s quite hilarious as well.

Andrew & Ben.

iPad = kid magnet.

Evie & her Aunt Becca

… and Uncle Jeremy.

… and her Daddy too. ย  Things just got weird.

Four of the Lynch sisters & Grandma Lynch!

Aunt Diana got some snuggles from Evie on Christmas Eve.

Early Christmas morning wonder.

Coffee & newspaper with Grandpa.

… and a morning nap.

A bit blurry, but I had to post a family Christmas pic…

All ready for Christmas mass.

Aunt Becca scolding someone, maybe? …and Evie approving of whatever she’s doing.

Sleepy Bartos ๐Ÿ™‚

No family gathering would be complete without boys wrestling.

Jackson giving his gift to Uncle Jeremy.

and Evie getting kisses from Uncle Jeremy ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas morning gifts.

Cuddles with (a serious) Miss Evie.

First Christmas morning.

The grandchildren (and yes, that’s Lucas on the left, not a salesman selling chicks.)

Evelyn & her great-grandma.

Nap with Aunt Lottie.

… and a nap with a very content Grandma.

How many babies can fit in an Anywhere Chair?


… only one, after she hits the other one with a snack container.

Evie loved the ladybugs who scuttled about.

… and also trying on Otto’s hat. She wanted to let him know she’s a Packer fan too.

Sleepy time with Daddy.

Good morning! Play time with the cousins.

Owen taking a call.

Lucas surveying the front yard.

Owen tasting a teether.

… and who knows what Evie was up to.

All dressed up on her last day in Wisconsin … and about to get in the car to drive to Toledo to see her other grandparents!

Thank you, everyone in Wisconsin, for such a fun trip. We can’t wait to see you again in June!

sun & surf & smiles

Evelyn was apprehensive of the ocean water, to say the least.

She gripped onto her Daddy & skeptically eyed the water.

However, with him safely nearby, she became much more comfortable at the shoreline.

Eventually, she was sitting in the water, on a mission to touch all of the sand in her reach, and quite unaffected by the gentle waves.

Later that evening, before ice cream & pizza (in that order, of course), a little walk to the park next to our condo.

I love her little set jaw.

Wet hair, no makeup, sundress, flip flops … I love the beach life.

Sunset & my babes.

I think she’s a fan of this place. (Me too.)

Our last morning … relaxing on the porch … looking out at the gulf … eating delicious bagel sandwiches & drinking coffee from the Tuckaway Bagel & Wafel Cafeย (yum).

… and enjoying our cherub.

Crusty nose & all.

Little did we know, this little one had an ear infection … in BOTH of her ears. (We didn’t find this out until the next day, in Dayton, at the doctor’s office.)

Obviously, because she was just SO cranky.

(…and she’s played with her ears ever since she was born.)

What a perfect period of respite. Lauren, thank you for hooking us up with the awesome condo… it was secluded & so relaxing. Exactly what this little family needed. We just may be using it again in the future!

(Dec 4, 2012)