Evie meets the family

We drove up to Wisconsin for a long weekend so that Evie could meet the extended family & so they could meet her. First of all, she was a complete angel in the car. We left around her bedtime, and she slept the entire way. We only stopped once (for gas).

Evie is pretty easy going, but even this many people was still a shock to her.

“Daddy has HOW many family members?”

Evie meeting Michael’s godson for the first time.

Taking everything in.

I think she likes him.

Ben, the prince.

and Briahna … I forget which member of the royal family she is.

But she sure loved Evie.

… and Evie loved her.

Evie & Ericha

She seemed to be a pro at holding babies.

Evie & her cousin Owen, who was born in September 2011.

They will be in the same grade level.

Grandpa, I’ve had a long day … and it’s only lunchtime!

Kisses from cousin Jackson.

Girl talk with Ericha.

Finishing up lunch at the Barto household.

From Michael’s point of view:

My point of view:



“Oh goodness.”

“Oh, that’s going to be a 3-wiper.”

“I wonder if they can tell.”

“Bleghh… I can taste it.”

“I wonder if they’ll believe me…”

“… if I say this guy did it.”

Grandpa with his 2 youngest grandkids.

Art in action.

A new approach to crawling.

THE best pouty face, courtesy of Ben.



My hot hubs.

Tickling O-Baby.

Serious Jackson.

Ben showing his skills.

He did that himself … Briahna went over to help 🙂

Goofball Ben.

Aunt Becca

She liked Pat so much …

… she decided he was a good place to take a nap.

Here she is, in the middle of the night.

Waking up with Grandpa.

Ready to face the day.

Trying out an Exersaucer for the first time.

Naptime before the big cookout.

Smiles for Mama.

Smiles for Daddy.

And so begins Evie’s introduction to the family! Evie & Sara:

Evie & Aunt Lottie

Evie & Erica

Evie & Aunt Cathy

Evie & Riah

Whew! Evie had a long day!

The next morning, before church:

Such a happy morning baby.

She smiled at daddy peeking in through the window:

Comfy in her hoodie, ready for a day in the car.

But first, we met sweet, 4-day old Isabella.

and her parents got to meet Evie as well!

There’s a big difference between 4 weeks and 4 months!

Then we started our drive home. During the first stop to feed Evie, we let her play outside while we ate. It made her happy and it was nice to take a break from being in the car.

We had so much fun in Wisconsin, seeing everyone again! By the look of these pictures, Evie had a pretty great time, too, meeting her family 🙂 She’s a blessed little girl.

(Aug 9-12, 2012)