Happy Easter!


(but for real.)

We were in Toledo for Easter. Evie got her first visit from the Easter bunny … he brought yogurt melts, books & plastic eggs that wobbled.

Cuddling with her Papa.

Chris & Carley were there too 🙂

Chris taking it up a notch.

Carley, a notch higher.

aww, a nice pic of Carley & Todd. (hi Todd.)

Todd, our Christmas and Easter brother.

More Papa snuggles.

Love, looove this pic of me and Mom.

:: snuggle snuggle ::

3 generations of girls

Don’t we all coordinate well? Not planned at all. Serious. I didn’t even realize Evie and I were both wearing navy with white polka dots until that morning.

So I’ll post one of these pics here, and the rest in a separate post. They’re that good.

I think Evie likes C+C.

Chris probably told a joke (note how he’s also laughing).


Back at home, that evening, posing with her bunny ears & the Easter basket grass.

Going to the park.

Always studying everything around her.

🙂 She loves all new bits of independence … crawling by herself on the playground included.

Peeking at Daddy.

Happy Easter, baby girl.

(Photos taken Mar 31, 2013)



… for this girl … 

… for my husband & father of my daughter (hand pictured here, ha) …

… for the food on our table every day …

… for our parents …

… for my sister …

… for my brother … (and my other “sister”)

… for friends & neighbors …

… and gravy boats … (or, friends who help with the dishes)

… for nature …

… and for comforting hugs.

We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at home in Sylvania.

Evie had an especially great time.

She was surrounded by family & friends who love her, toys, plus two dogs!

At this point in her life, I think this would be her definition of heaven.

(That doesn’t sound too bad to me either.) 

This is only a look she makes when she’s deep in conversation with her Godfather.

(Nov 22, 2012)

nc to see c+c

We drove to North Carolina in October to visit my brother & his girlfriend in their new town of Charlotte. It was an awesome weekend, full of quality time, catch-up and absolutely delicious food. Our culinary experience that weekend included homemade pad thai, an entire dish of peanut butter cookie dough brownie something-or-others, homemade breakfast sandwiches, the discovery of Zaxby’s, bagel dip, BBQ at a blues festival, and an awesome breakfast cafe on Sunday.

But moving beyond the food … it was so relaxing to hang out with Chris & Carley in their new home. Chris used to live in Dayton with us, since he graduated college … so we were used to having him around all of the time. I definitely took it for granted. Even though I am so happy for him & proud of him for getting such an amazing job, I sorely miss him!

On Saturday before the Notre Dame game, Chris & Carley took us to a nearby lake and we walked around it. It was the perfect day … bright blue sky, slightly warm air, bright sun. Evelyn loves to be outside anytime, but today, it truly was a treat.

Checking out the water.

Evie & her Uncle Chris 🙂

Michael, Evie, Chris & Carley.

Cutest couple ever.

Cutest dad + baby ever.

Chris being his awesome self.

Settling in for naptime.

nom nom nom

Our little family of three!

Like I said … cutest couple ever.   … Am I right?

… and this is when we found a completely unopened can of Bud Light. He almost drank it … but it was too early in the morning.

the gang 🙂

C+C + Evie

Happy baby.

Standing up (with help) like a big girl.

(Love Evelyn’s face here … “whoooa!”)

Later on that day … gametime! This is a great picture of Michael and Evelyn.

She debuted her newest piece to her ND collection that day. It’s a gorgeous handmade dress by Laura, who has a shop on Etsy: Handmade by Lolo Z.  I highly, highly recommend her work. The dress was even more beautiful in person than the picture on Etsy. The dress is also awesome because it’s a knot dress – so the straps can be adjusted to grow with Evie.

Our little football girl.


Laughing at Uncle Chris. Who wouldn’t?

She loves her Uncle Chris & Aunt Carley.

Daddy kisses

Love, love, love.

… and, we’ll end with this face. You know this face, ND fans. It’s face you make 80% of the duration of our games. Lately, it ends in relief, but not without some pain. (9-0, GO IRISH BEAT BC!)

(Oct 13, 2012)

iPhone download, Jul 23-30

our little side sleeper.

Chest nap with Grandma

Discovering her fingers again (she knew about them before she was born; now they are inseparable again).

Going for a long, grueling (1.5 block) walk to Graeter’s. It makes us feel better that we’re working off all of the calories we consume when we get there.

Discussing life’s mysteries with Mommy & Daddy.

Sound asleep on Darrell’s shoulder. She’s done this on his shoulder many times … it’s magic!

Having fun with Uncle Chris.

Bedtime routine with Daddy.

The perfect way to start our day. Everyday. 🙂

Learning her scales.

Sitting up like a big girl.  ::tear::

She loves her Inchworm toy. Thank you, Kathy & John!

… and she loves her inchworm onesie (thank you Carney’s!) … Now that I think about it, she must have a thing for inchworms.

She also has a thing for falling asleep while play. << luckiest parents ever >>

She did it again. (This time with dainty crossed legs.)

Out for a stroll.

Jul 30 – Evie’s big day: her first day of daycare!!

Getting settled at school with Mommy.

Whaddya think, baby girl? This looks like a fun place.

Evie didn’t think this was the best position in which to meet friends. So, right after this was taken, she decided to move to better see her new friend. She moved the only way she knows how (roll to the left) and put her feet squarely in her friend’s face. 🙂

c+c leave for carolina

Chris & his girlfriend, Carley, recently both got awesome jobs in beautiful North Carolina. As sad as we were to see Chris leave, we are so happy for them because they get to live in the same city! We hung out with them the weekend before they left for their big adventure.

Waking up with daddy & uncle Chris.

… and then falling back asleep.

Being doted upon by Laurel. It’s safe to say they’re pretty good pals.

Enjoying the day in our backyard.

(The deck was drying from being stained.)

Face-to-face with Carley.

We’re all going to miss you, Chris & Carley! Can’t wait to visit in October.

(Jul 29, 2012)

family dinner

While Michael’s mom was visiting us, we made beef with snow peas (one of my favorite recipes by the Pioneer Woman) and had Lo, D & (Crazy Uncle) Chris over.

It was a great night to visit and pass the baby around.

Holding her toy and relaxing with her godfather.

… and her godfather doing some necessary multitasking.

Trying to impress Laurel by stuffing her whole fist in her mouth.

… and then crazy Evelyn decided to try and perch on D’s shoulder.

Evie, you may sound like a little bird, but you need to work on your perching skills.

… and then calming down for bedtime with Grandma.

Sweet baby girl snuggles.

(Jul 26, 2012)