I see you

… checkin’ out my chub.

Don’t be too jealous. I’ve worked hard for this look.

(Jun 20)


iphone download, May 23 – June 2

May 23

Tasting the air out on the deck

Naptime close to Mommy’s heart

Stretchy smiles

Sprawly girl.

May 24

She doesn’t like sucking on her individual fingers, but sometimes she’ll suck on her knuckles.

May 26

Saturday morning relaxing in bed with Mommy.

Snuggled in & happy in her swaddle.

Mommy, why did Daddy cut his jeans?

… and what are “jorts”?

Because he looks silly.

It’s for the Red White & Barn party?  I knew Crazy Uncle Chris had something to do with it!

May 27

At Fusian. Maybe in a few years, Evie will have some of my PB&J roll.

May 28

Playing with the rattle Grandma got for her … and making Grandpa proud with her subtle hand gesture …

… and of course, Daddy snuggles.

May 29

May 30

Hey Mommy, where are we going?

Ah, Target. Yes, I need to pick up some things too.

Just a typical day.

Chest cuddles with Crazy Uncle Chris.

May 31

She fell asleep next to me on the couch, and I needed to hold her arms like a swaddle so she wouldn’t wake herself up.

Look for the sleep laugh right around 20 seconds:

… Successfully transferred to the Pack n Play for a nap … which lasted about 5 minutes before she woke herself up.

June 1

Draped over Daddy’s shoulder.

June 2

How she looks after I take her out of the Ergo carrier.

Hi grandparents!

June 3

First car trip – one hour down to Cincinnati for Baby T’s baby shower.

So comfy with Nery!

Hangin’ out with the girls 🙂

Snuggling in with the mommy-to-be … she’s a natural! Nevermind Evie. We need to teach her some manners.

One of her first successful bottles! Michael is in charge of bottle duty and Evelyn has been quite the champ at taking them down.

Tummy time in her jungle … checking out her elephant.


June 5

More happy jungle time. She now occupies herself in her jungle for 20+ minutes! I can now shower reliably around the same time each day 🙂

A cute little bunny flopping around in our neighbor’s … ahem … yard?

Nearing the end of jungle time.

June 6

Morning nap in the carrier.

Telling each other about their day.

June 7

Finding her hands once again.

Big baby blues.